The Punjab Chapter: 4 Hearty Punjabi Meals You’ll Fall In Love With


Have you ever wondered why Punjabis were always dancing. Well…we did, when we tried Punjabi food.

Nobody celebrates food like the Punjabis. Punjabi food is on the top of our list every time we’re in the mood for a heart-filling meal. It truly is the Indian version of soul food. The lip smacking dishes always leave us wanting more, and most people have the same kind of feeling..

If you’re nodding a little bit, it’s because of the sheer succulent goodness of Punjabi fare. If the delicious mix of spices or the lavish amounts of butter don’t get you, the generous portions will.

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You can absolutely never have enough Punjabi food. Well, it’s a good thing they have such a wide range of dishes to select from.

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All Punjabi dishes are delicious. However, there a few basic Punjabi dishes that deserve credit above most others. Here are those savory Punjabi foods that deserve credit for their lip-smacking flavors.


Sarson Ka Saag

If Bollywood did not convince you enough about this dish, trying it once sure will. Sarson Ka Saag is a savory dish made from the leaves of mustard plant and other spices. Punjab is known for its rolling mustard fields, and these are the star of this dish.

Sarson Ka Saag features a mixture of many flavors that are contributed by ingredients like spinach leaves, ginger, garlic, dhania, red pepper powder, garam masala, and onions. They work fabulously well. Punjabis cook sarson ka saag a lot more in the winter, as the mustard plant grows abundantly during that time of the year.

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Chole Bhatura

When I think of a hearty breakfast, I can’t seem to find a better one than chole bhatura. This is one of the most popular Punjabi dishes. Chole, the side dish, is a rich gravy made from chickpeas and the traditional bhatura is huge, and is made from maida.

The combination is a match made in heaven. The chole is luscious with just the right amount of spice. Don’t forget to garnish it with lemon and crunchy onions. The bhatura is, in true Punjabi fashion, tasty and filling.

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Butter Chicken

You will not find a Punjabi on earth who doesn’t love butter chicken; you will know why if you tried their authentic version.

Punjab is famous for their milk production and butter products. They took up a simple dish like chicken curry, and came up with a ravishing version called butter chicken. Soft, succulent pieces of chicken are marinated in an exquisite gravy that is filled with all the right spices. This gives you the perfect sweet and tangy taste that you so love.

The only way to do justice to this dish is to have it with Makki di Rotis or Parathas.

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Aloo Parathas

Aloo parathas are the specialty of Punjabi cooking. True, they are quite popular in the rest of India, but this version is the one for us. And that’s not all you get, either: Punjabi cuisine also features other versions of parathas with onion, paneer, gobi stuffings.

The secret to their delicious aloo parathas are the dry pomegranate and carom seeds added in the potato stuffing.

The stuffed dough is thoroughly cooked to hit the right spicy and tangy notes. You get the right taste only when the paratha is smeared with generous amounts of ghee (obviously). The best side dishes for aloo parathas are thick curd, and pickle if you want to eat it the Punjabi way.

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These dishes are the makings of a heavenly meal. Remember, you are not done till you have that gigantic glass of delicious lassi.

Having one meal with Punjabi food is enough to lift my mood. No wonder Punjabis are dancing all the time. If your mouth is not already watering, check out the Punjabi dishes on Swiggy and get them delivered to your doorstep ASAP.

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