The 4 Types Of Pizza You Need To Eat, Like Right Now


From its humble wood-fired beginnings in rustic Italy, the pizza has successfully conquered the world. A number of countries have at least a dozen unique types of pizza. From solitary meals to large social gatherings, pizza has graced them all.

Pizza never even goes to waste. In fact, cold pizza (basically leftover pizza), has legions of fans all over the world.

Pizza: The Perfect Snack?

Pizza’s crusty base, tastebud-tingling sauce, and delectable toppings are all reasons why it holds such a special place in our hearts. The fact that you can get it delivered to you while you stay focused on your Netflix binge-watching session? Purr-fection.

Without further ado, we bring to you four pizzas that you have to try. Like, have to.

1. The New York Pizza

The crust of the New York City pizza is, by far, its most recognisable aspect.

Some say that the secret of this pizza’s taste is in the New York water, while others give credit to the old NY pizza ovens that are never thoroughly cleaned. While that might sound gross, you know that it doesn’t matter: the pizza tastes so damn fine! 

Picture from Attardi’s Pizzeria

New York pizzas are thin, crispy and are hand tossed.

Even though the crust is relatively thin, it is made thick enough to fold in half lengthwise without falling apart. This makes it the perfect dish to eat on the go, no cutlery necessary. Us desis sure appreciate the beauty of eating something with our bare hands!


2. Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Ohhhhhh yeah. Sorry, we got lost in the beauty of that stringy cheese!

This pie pizza will make you go weak in the knees, and leave you begging for more. That is, once you recover from the substantial helping you couldn’t resist plonking on your plate. The deep dish pizza, as it is also known, was invented by two enterprising men in Chicago immediately after WWII.

Picture from TimeOut

The crust is shaped like a pie, and the sauce covers the toppings. This dish has to be eaten with a knife and fork. When you have hunger pangs the size of a certain President’s ego, undo your belt, polish off a whole slice, and then go in for more.


3. The Neapolitan Pizza

The original pizza, it was invented in Naples in the late 18th century. That’s the Neapolitan in its name.

Picture from Google Images

This pizza is made of simple, quintessentially rustic Italian ingredients: a basic dough, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and, of course, olive oil. There are no other fancy toppings, so please keep your pineapples *Italian shudder* to yourself. The Neapolitan pizza is soggy in the middle and hence cannot be served in slices.

You have to eat the whole pizza. Not that we need any convincing.


4. Stuffed Crust Pizza

More cheesy goodness? Hidden pocket of meat, you say? Well, where do we sign up?

This pizza was invented by, Pizza Hut, who saw sales improvements in the order of $300 million because of it. It’s easy to see why. The crust filling is, in simple words, simply brilliant. Why let that chewy pizza crust go to waste when you can stuff it with cheese or hot dogs?

Picture from Huffington Post

Go on, get onto Swiggy and order yourself some pizza. All we are trying to say is that pizza is food for the Gods. If you don’t think so, well, you probably need to order your first one. Like right now!

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