5 Burger Places (& Burgers) To Die For In Mumbai


Burgers are the ultimate munchies and the most versatile dish you’ll see. Eat as fast food or devour with diligence, it’s completely your choice! What would we do without these beauties?

Ladies & gentlemen of Mumbai, unleash your inner foodie on these unforgettably lip-smacking burgers & wash it down with your favorite beverage. If there’s heaven on earth, these burgers are the way to get there!

1. Frisbees, Andheri West

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Gorge on the delicious burgers offered by Frisbees, which will satisfy your cravings & is worth every penny you spend. Finish off your meal with their range of delightful coolers & creamy shakes! While you’re still there, give their El Diablo a try. It’s an explosion of flavours of avocado butter, cheese sauce & taco-flavoured chicken mince patty.


2. Yorrick’s CookHouse, Bandra West

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You’ll be spoiled for choice with Yorrick’s extensive fast food collection – everything from pastas like Classic Alfredo Pasta to specials like Fish & Chips. It isn’t just fast, but filling food as well! A highly recommended item is their Double Trouble burger, a double chicken patty with a burst of cheese, bacon & gherkins.


 3. Mad Burgers, Borivali

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Who said the best burgers cost a bomb? Have them order one from Mad Burgers, and they’ll end up licking their fingers with the juicy, lip-smacking & satisfying burgers without burning a hole in their pocket. Their Maddest Chicken Burger, a special burger with a secret filling. (Try it out yourself to experience this!)


4. The Good Food Co., Juhu

Picture courtesy: TripAdvisor

Veggies in Mumbai, take a deep breath – we haven’t forgotten you. If someone denies you the delights of a burger, forget them & order in these pocket-friendly & soft-outside, crunchy-inside delicacies! You’ll love their Jalapeno Cheese Delight Burger, a tangy, cheesy burger with soft buns & a crunchy patty, as they describe it.


5. Cafe Free India, Lower Parel

A one-stop restaurant for every burger lover – from Southern Fried Cottage Cheese burger for veggies to Juicy Lucy Chicken/Lamb burgers for non-vegetarians, there’s something for everyone.

Don’t even think of missing out on their Louisiana Crab Burger, topped off with caramelized onions & their special Jalapeno mayo, with a side of fries!

Looking for more burgers to eat? Now that’s a real foodie! Go on, fire up the Swiggy app & discover the best burgers to bite into in your area in Mumbai!

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