5 French Snacks That You Must Try At Least Once In This Lifetime


“France” and “food” go hand in hand. They take their food seriously, so much so that the entire world acknowledges the fact that French cuisine surpasses all other cuisines. There’s a good reason as to why the highest honours a chef can get—a Michelin star-originates from France. We love the French even though they are food snobs because, in their defence, every item on their menu is a work of art—you don’t just eat French food, you experience it.

France is beautiful, and their food, more so.  Here’s a list of five of the best French snacks that you simply must try.

1. Macarons

If the French had a culinary emblem, macarons would so be it.

These delicately crafted pastries, which have cookies or almond meringues glued together with a generous load of jam, buttercream or ganache in the middle, is a treat that you simply must try. Macarons come in lovely colours and a variety of flavours so that you will be spoilt for choice.


2. Baguette

No one goes to France and steps out without tearing the crusty, warm and delicious baguettes that are available on every street corner. It is easy to characterize a baguette—long and thin, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, and an unmistakably quintessential French snack.

The French take their baguettes seriously, so much so that they hold a “Best Baguette” competition annually! The “Meilleure Baguette de Paris” or the Best Baguette of Paris is an honour, and the entire process of making the baguette involves perfection, from getting the texture of the bread right to making sure the colour is a perfect golden brown. Baguettes can be eaten plain, or with your favorite condiment like buttercream, chocolate, peanut butter, and more.


3. Crepe

France is famous for its artists, the incredible tourist hotspots, the finest of wines, and most of all, the humble crepes that are sold in nearly every street corner for just a few francs.

Buckwheat or wheat flour is beaten into thin and crisp pancake like sheets, while a generous amount of butter is added to take the goodness of this snack a few notches higher. If you’re a loyal crepe consumer, then you’re most likely to try the beurre-sucre or the butter and sugar crepes, but if you’re in for some variety, then you can try a number of other fillings like choco-hazel, strawberry, whipped cream or even jam.  


4. Croissants

What’s better than a Frenchman with a thick French accent? A Frenchman with a thick French accent and a croissant. While this joke was in poor taste, these delicious croissants definitely aren’t.

You can’t walk past a French boulangerie without spotting a croissant, and once you get inside, the smell of the freshly baked croissants wafting through the air is sure to hold you in its grip. The dough used to make this snack is filled with butter in between its layers, after which they are rolled into several sheets, so when you bite into them, you get flaky, butter filled croissants that melt in your mouth.

This crescent-shaped wonder is the best morning snack. Team it up with a hot cup of coffee, and you’re all set to greet the rest of the day with a “Bonjour”.


5. Souffle

These delicate looking delicacies are by no means delicate, as unlike you or me, they can defy gravity. Made to perfection, this one is instant love at first bite.

Eggs are beaten well enough to look like fluffy white clouds, while you can choose the base—lemon, chocolate, strawberry. The list doesn’t end there, but if you were to ask a souffle loyalist, the cheese souffle would be the answer on any given day, because, cheese. All in all, a souffle is the one French snack you simply can’t ignore.

You don’t need to walk along the French Riviera and its street corners to taste these delicious French snacks. You can order a few of these right from the comforts of your home through Swiggy. Bon Appetit!

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