Here Are 5 Food Couples That Are A Better Story Than Twilight On Any Day


Move aside, Romeo and Juliet.

Once upon a time, two dishes met, and magic happened. There may be millions of lovers around the world, but none are as loyal as these dishes have always been to each other through their journey across lands & eras. Let’s look at these culinary couples and their history.

Food Couple #1: Burger and Fries

The origin of the burger is highly debated & is claimed to be innovated by multiple people, but it started off somewhere in the USA. Fries, although commercialized in 1967 by McDonald’s, was first made by Belgians for visiting American soldiers during World War 1!

Burger and fries started their relationship in a fast food joint, and since then, they’ve been going from strength to strength. Slowly, but surely, everyone has accepted that you just cannot enjoy the rich and diverse burger without its bland, salty companion, the fries.

They make a great pair because… despite each of them being delicious on their own, they still bring out the best in each other.


Food Couple #2: Idli & Sambar

While the origin of Idli is debated to be everything from the Indian state of Karnataka to Indonesia (!), Sambhar had its humble beginnings in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu and is named after the guest to whom it was served first, Sambhaji of the Maratha empire.

Having Idli without Sambar is so painful that it was decided that every Idli will be accompanied by its beloved Sambar.

They make a great pair because… the light, white & fluffy Idli makes a great contrast to the colorful, rich & tangy Sambar.


Food Couple #3: Rajma (Red kidney beans) & Rice

Always referred to as Rajma-chawal, Rajma or red kidney beans originated from Mexico and then made its way into staple North Indian cuisine. Rice, on the other hand, has been around India since the Indus Valley Civilization (maybe even earlier!).

Red beans and rice is a popular dish in multiple cuisines across the world including Indian, American, Latin American, Cuban & Jamaican cuisine, to name a few! This classic combo is seen in burritos, Mexican rice bowl & even as a complete dish in North Indian cuisine.

They make a great pair because… even after travelling the world, they’re still together. Plus, they’re super nutritious!


Food Couple #4: Pancake & Maple Syrup

Somewhere in the cold North American lands, maple syrup was first born. Pancake, we don’t know where it began, but there is evidence to believe that it may have been around since the Stone Age!

And then, somewhere along the course of history, they met – and magic was created!

They make a great pair because… maple syrup makes the buttery pancake so much more delicious than honey or sugar ever can.


Food Couple #5: Steak & Mash

While the origin of the steak is a mystery, mashed potatoes made its first appearance in a 1747 best-selling cookbook called The Art Of Cookery by Hannah Glasse.

As mysterious as the origin of the steak is why steaks & mashed potatoes are such a popular combination – they just click. There’s no way you’ll ever find your favorite steak without its faithful companion, the mashed potatoes.

They make a great pair because… the multi-flavored juicy steak with everything from extra-rare to well done has many moods, but the humble mashed potato is stable with its creamy, rich deliciousness.

Are those tears of joy or hunger?

Whatever they are, on the journey to find the maple syrup to your pancake, we’ll help you find the perfect fries to your burger and satisfy all your cravings on the Swiggy app.

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