5 Off-Beat Pizzas That You Need To Try Right Away


“Ooh” and “yeah”: the two words that come to mind when you picture that oven-fresh flatbread filled with cheese, toppings, and sauce. Food is the answer to all of life’s problems: the proof is in every slice of heavenly pizza.

Not convinced? Why don’t you ask Joey?

I simply can’t seem to get through a week without a slice (or 10, or 20) of delicious pizzas loaded with cheese. The tiniest whiff of molten cheese is enough to make me forget the diet I keep planning.

The delicious crust, gooey good cheesiness, and addictive flavors all make pizzas irreplaceable. It’s a good thing, then, that there are a million options out there.

Being a pizza lover, you would have explored nearly all the types of pizzas in the most popular pizza joints. As amazing as they are, there are other varieties of pizza you should explore. You might not have heard of these, but you just might grow to love them!

1. Naanza

India plays host to hundreds of different flavors, and it was only a matter of time before someone tried them out on the pizza base. The next logical step was the naanza. Fiery Indian spices combine with cheese over a naan-ish base, making for delectably desi combination.

When it comes to toppings, naanzas are usually topped with authentically Indian toppings like paneer tikka and kebabs.

If you are caught between your love for Indian food and pizzas, the solution is the naanza.

2. Waffle Pizza

Pizza and waffles? Sixer!

You can have this one for breakfast, or even as a dessert at the end of your meal. The waffle pizza is the perfect pizza if you have a sweet tooth. The whole world is losing their mind over this decadent breakfast/pizza dish.

Waffle pizza toppings include everything from bananas to broccoli. And the best part? Cheese. As in, loads of it. On a delicious waffle.


3. Chocolate Pizza

A moment of silence to thank the genius who combined two of the best things in the world.

The rich yummy fullness that you get from chocolate is like no other; there’s a reason it is the king of comfort food. And loads of chocolate on a pizza? Well, that’s this pizza-loving foodie’s dream come true!

Layers of crumbling chocolate topped with chocolate sauce on a pizza base: it. hits. the. spot. Even once you are done, you will be cleaning the cheesy bits off your plate, and ordering more.

4. Hilsa Pizza

Q: What did the amazing Bong chef bring to the feast?

A: A pizza for all the seafood lovers out there.

Succulent hilsa fish combines with cheese in this pizza, which is topped with rich flavors that make it just right. And this one isn’t just a Bengali thing: the Hilsa Pizza is the answer to all of our collective prayers for a seafood-influenced pizza.

The combination works very well, and you must try it to get just how awesome it is. Go for whichever sauce you prefer to add a hit of tanginess to the dish.

5. Deep Fried Pizza

As long as you’re indulging in some cheese, you might as well go all the way.

The deep fry process works a virtual miracle on the cheese, taking pizza’s awesomeness up a notch. Thicker cheese and crispy fried cheese? Yes, mum. Oh yes!

You can pick the topping you want, but the winner of the pizza as always is going to be the cheese.

If you are breaking a diet, ordering a pizza is the right way to go about it. And trying a wacky pizza is arguably even better. And what beats getting it delivered right to your door? Swiggy your uber-cool hipster pizza with extra cheese today, and indulge in a cheesy experience that’ll leave you wanting more!

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