5 Pan-Asian Restaurants That’ll Get You Going in Pune!


With Pune being so full of life, there’s no question of scarcity when it comes to experiencing good food. While we’re still on the subject, who can resist the charms of Pan-Asian delicacies? That’s why we’ve hunted the grapevine to bring you 5? restaurants where the Pan-Asian food is on point. Here they are:

1. Malaka Spice

Picture credit: Traveller’s Tales

The lovely ambience in Malaka Spice sets the mood for a great evening of dining. We recommend their yummy Top Hats – delicate fried cups of minced veggies, sprouts and herbs that make for the perfect appetiser.

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2. Mini Wok

Picture credit: Serious Eats

If Burmese khao-suey is what you’re craving, the good folks at Mini Wok will not disappoint you. Just so you know, they have a huge fan following that claims their khao-suey is the best in town. Ready to treat yourself for a bowl of heaven?

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3. The Asian Box

Picture credit: Creator And Curator

Comfort meets satisfaction! That would aptly describe The Asian Box’s spectacular Indonesian dish, Nasi Lemak. They also serve Japanese delicacies like Udon noodles and a heart warming bowl of miso soup. Have all your Asian hunger pangs satisfied in one place.

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4. Chang’s

Picture credit: Steamy Kitchen

Chang’s much acclaimed wontons are to die for! Piping hot dumplings are served fried or steamed and stuffed with a choice of veggies or meat with a fiery chilli garlic sauce. Perfect for a rainy cold day we say.

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5. Shee Chinese

Picture credit: Cherie’s Stolen Recipes

Seeking a no-frills food affair? Your go-to place should be Shee Chinese. The grapevine tells us that their honey noodles with ice cream is a definitive choice for dessert. Other must try dishes also include the crispy thread chicken – finely shredded to threads of chicken that are fried till crisp!

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Now that you’re armed with this list, why wait around to relish Pan-Asian food when you can just Swiggy and order them in for a night of movie marathons? Are there any other awesome Pan-Asian places that you’ve tried? Share your recommendations in the comments below.


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