6 Deliciously Healthy Desserts That Are Actually So Good For You!


A lot of people are under the misconception that to lead a healthy life, desserts should be off limits, but this is far from the truth. We thought the same too, until we came across healthy desserts (yes, they do exist) that will keep your body healthy without compromising on the taste.

1. Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are awesome, but banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies take the awesomeness to a whole new level because they are healthy as well.

Source: Two Peas & Their Pod

The bananas will give you all the Vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium that you need, while the oatmeal is a great source of fibers and proteins.

Want to increase the health aspect? Use canola oil instead of butter and soy milk instead of full fat milk. You can add a few chocolate chips in this recipe-we haven’t become savages yet.


2. Healthy Fudge Brownies

Fudge brownies and healthy? Not a chance in hell, right? Wrong. You can now indulge in some soft and rich chocolate brownies—without any guilt.

Source: Max Pixel

With cocoa powder, whole wheat flour, canola oil and greek yogurt, you are eating nothing more than 99 calories per serving.


3. Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

Pumpkins are loaded with a number of nutrients like thiamin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus to name a few.

Source: Pixabay

Spices like cinnamon, clove, and cardamom are added as well. Mixed with some apple sauce, these pumpkin spice cupcakes contain only about 150 calories.


4. Almond Crunch Greek Yogurt Cheesecake

Want a piece of cheesecake without having to compromise on your diet? Then this one’s for you.

Yogurt and egg are whisked together, almonds are sprinkled and low fat cheese is added—all you need to do is eat this tasty dessert.

Source: Pixabay

Dig into it and meet the crunchy almonds on the outside and soft, white and fluffy yogurt and cheese on the inside. Almond is great for your heart and in aiding weight loss, while the Greek yogurt contains double the amount of probiotics than your regular yogurt.


5. Pineapple And Mint Sorbet

What if you were told that you could detoxify your body with desserts? You probably wouldn’t believe it. Hell, no one would believe it. But that changed with the advent of the pineapple and mint sorbet.

Source: Healy Eats Real

The pineapple and mint sorbet doesn’t have more than a hundred calories. This simple dessert has frozen pineapples that are mashed with mint.


6. Vegan Dark Chocolate Truffle

Everybody loves chocolate. Follow the footsteps of health freaks and you’ll see no chocolate on the way. However, this isn’t the case anymore. The Vegan Dark Chocolate Truffle is your new best friend.

Indulging in this guilty pleasure won’t leave you feeling guilty. Completely vegan, you can stuff yourself with this dessert and still stay healthy.

Source: Wikimedia

Cocoa powder and dark chocolate are melted together, coconut milk is added, and your vegan dark chocolate truffle is ready.

Drooling over these healthy desserts? We have got your back! Hop on over to Swiggy & check out the healthiest offerings from the top restaurants in your neighbourhood that you can order. Swiggy away!

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