6 Places To Head To In Pune If You Love Pizza!


Pizza is like that friend we all want to have. You’re always bound to have a great time if you’ve got pizza by your side. Whether it’s a house party, quick lunches at work, late night binge watching or even if you’re just feeling lazy to cook: pizza’s the perfect go-to meal. If pizzas get your heart beating real fast, here’s where you should be heading to in Pune!


1. Cafe Rettro

What to try: The 8” Veg Rettro Special pizza

If you love simple wood fired pizzas, then you should definitely try Cafe Rettro. A must try dish here is their Veg Rettro Special Pizza. It’s a wonderful tandoori paneer on a rich makhi sauce, tandoori laccha pyaaz, green olive & corn. The best part? They’re all hand tossed and baked in wood fire oven.


2. Crazy Cheesy

What to try: Cheesy Chilli Pizza

The good folks at Crazy Cheesy definitely sure know how to spice things up. They also have a specially dedicated menu for foodies who want to stick to Jain versions of their pizzas. Don’t miss their epic cheesy chilli pizza! Thinly sliced chillies melt into the goodness of cheese leaving you in heaven.


3. Cheesiano Pizza

What to try: Sizzling Chicken Tikka Pizza

If you’re craving something desi in a pizza, Cheesiano has a dream-like chicken tikka pizza that will make all your desi dreams come true. Hand rolled pizza that’s garnished with an in-house tomato sauce, cheese, veggies and delicious in-house Tandoori chicken tikka! Give this a shot and you won’t be sorry.


4.  Pizzarella

What to try: Chicken Pepperoni Pizza

Next up on our list is Pizzarella, their astounding chicken pepperoni pizza is definitely worth a mention. Thin crust pizza that’s doused with their in-house plum tomato sauce, lovely in-house cured chicken pepperoni slices that are topped over cheddar and mozzarella cheese. Sounds like quite the dream doesn’t it?


5. Bubsterr’s 

What to try: Bubsterr’s pork overload 10” pizza

If you’re a pork lover, you’ll absolutely Bubsterr’s yummy pork overload pizza. This overloaded goodness comes in a 10 inch pizza and has all the toppings a pork lover dreams of – smoked ham, pepperoni and bacon!


6. The Mighty Crust Pizzeria

What to try: Large Half Non-Veg and Half Veg

Picture credit: The Mighty Crust Pizzeria

The monster pizza fever has hit Pune with a bang! Folks at The Mighty Crust Pizzeria have mastered the art of pizzas with their larger than life, monster pizzas. With a wide range of pizza toppings to choose from – both veggies and meat, you’ll be spoilt for choices! It’s safe to say that One pizza that is sure to unite both meat and veggie lovers is their Large Half Non-Veg and Half Veg pizza. Give it a try!

Has your tummy begun rumbling after reading this list? We knew it would! Stay in, fire up the Swiggy app and laze around on the bean bag, while we bring in your pizzas.

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