6 Restaurants In Hyderabad Geetha, An Avid Swiggy User, Loves To Order From Frequently!


Team Swiggy spoke to Geetha, a Swiggy super user in Hyderabad’s twin city, Secunderabad. Geetha was introduced to Swiggy by a friend, and she’s never looked back since. In fact, when we first spoke to her, a Hunger Savior was at her doorstep, delivering her order!


“Swiggy is popular in Hyderabad because of me!”

After trying a variety of restaurants and apps, Geetha knows her favourite eateries, eats & the Swiggy app like the back of her hand. She also claims that she’s responsible for Swiggy’s popularity in her circles (and we definitely agree with her!).

Knowing her love for food & the Swiggy expert that she is, we wanted to pick her brain on the best eats in her area and beyond. Curious to know her Hyderabad favourites? Read on to find out!


1. Authentic biryani from Paradise

Love biryani or hate it, you just can’t ignore it! Whenever Geetha craves biryani, she knows that Paradise is the obvious answer. Have you given their classic, bestselling Chicken Biryani a try yet?

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Picture from Paradise


2. Pocket-friendly burgers from Universal Bakers

Geetha, like many Hyderabadis, simply loves the burgers from Universal Bakers. With cheese oozing out of every bite of the burger, Universal Bakers leaves you feeling satisfied without burning a hole in your pocket!

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Picture from Hot Red Bus


3. Juicy shawarmas from Grill 9

When asked why she was a regular customer of Grill 9, she divulged that their soft & flavourful Special Shawarma is unlike any other she’s tried. While you’re ordering in, you might also consider getting the Chicken Zinger Shawarma!

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Picture from Baking Mischief


4. Flavourful pan from Mayur Pan House

Geetha knows exactly what she likes for a post-lunch pick-me-up, a Navratan Meenakshi Pan from Mayur Pan House. The flavours of menthol, gulkand (a preserve made of rose petals) and betel leaves will freshen you up as well!

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Picture from Parhlo


5. Cool & quirky ice creams from Cream Stone

Nothing says family time like ice cream! When Geetha visits her sisters & their kids in Hyderabad, she loves to order in ice creams for all of them. Her personal Cream Stone favourite? Dry Fruit Delights.

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Picture from Cream Stone


6. More biryani from Bawarchi

Across India, it’s known that Hyderabad is where all the biryani action takes place. Like Geetha, if you’re a die-hard biryani fan, get your hands on any biryani from Bawarchi. Trust us, you’ll love it.

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Picture from NDTV Food


Trustworthy service & really quick delivery is why Swiggy is Geetha’s go-to app for food! So, if you’re ever hungry in Hyderabad, you know what to do. With Swiggy, delicious food is just a tap away!

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