6 Wonderful Waffles To Dig Into In Mumbai


Is there anyone who can say no to waffles?

Waffles have slowly and steadily made their way into our hearts with their crispy-outside, fluffy-inside honeycomb-like texture. With a helping of syrup and a dash of cream, we’re sure no one can resist a bite of this delicious delicacy!

Mumbai, if waffles are the stuff your food dreams are made of, then we have the fix for you. Here’s a round-up of the top restaurants in Mumbai serving waffles unlike anything you’ve ever tried.

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1. The Belgian Waffle Co.

What’s better than a waffle? A waffle sandwich! And that’s exactly the specialty of the waffles at The Belgian Waffle Co. – a mix of fruits, syrup and cream sandwiched between waffle slices. We would definitely like to get in the middle of that!

A must try? Their Blueberry Cream Cheese Waff Wich.

2. Coffee by Di Bella in Mahalaxmi

Their name might just say coffee, but they deliver a lot more than just that! You’ll be spoilt for choice with Coffee by Di Bella’s extended collection of desserts, tea & coffee, smoothies & shakes and pastas & wraps. The challenge here is to not be distracted from their premium chocolate waffles. 😉

A must try? Their Twix Waffle deriving its flavours from the world-famous chocolate, Twix.

3. Bombay Waffle Co.

Picture Credit: CDInstagram

If you thought waffles is only for the sweet tooth, you’re in for a surprise! Bombay Waffle Co. serves three types of waffles – simple, indulgent & savories. There’s always a little something for everyone in here.

A must try? Their sweet & simple Nutella Waffle.

4. Waffle House

Picture courtesy: CDInstagram

Here’s yet another restaurant to baffle you with the sheer variety of waffles served in Mumbai. Waffle House serves Waffle Sticks, which is obviously waffle on a stick covered in everything from chocolate ganache to caramel.

A must try? Nougat Crunch Waffle Sundae, the dessert that’s the best of all the worlds possible.

5. Tea Villa Cafe

Picture credit: CDInstagram

This place is a one-stop shop to any and all your hunger cravings. In this diverse menu stands out a list of All-Day Breakfast menu containing waffles from chocolate-y to fruity. If that’s not a dream come true, you can also make your own waffle at Tea Villa Cafe.

A must try? Their Chocolate Loaded Waffle, loaded with Belgian dark, milk and white chocolate.

6. The Chocolate Heaven

Picture credit: Pinterest

The menu here is definitely heavenly – to pick from a menu filled with waffles, pancakes, shakes, hot chocolate, sweet treats and sundaes is a challenge! But we have the dish that you can’t miss when you’re ordering from The Chocolate Heaven.

A must try? The classic Belgian Chocolate Waffle topped off with vanilla ice cream. Yum.

Want to try these waffles or discover some hidden waffle gem in your area? Just fire up the Swiggy app and you’ll find the fix you need for your sweet tooth.

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