7 Amazing Dishes In Delhi That Are Perfect For Netflix And Chill!


In the words of our friends at SoDelhi, “Baes come and go, but food is our forever love!”. If you’re like us, you’re probably looking for excuses to stay in and just binge watch your Netflix playlist. That’s why, we teamed up with the good folks at SoDelhi to discover the creme de la creme of dishes to order for a perfect day (or night) in at home.


1. Chicken Sui Mai & Dimsums from Big Wong

All you Pan-Asian food lovers, this is sure to hit the sweet spot! Big Wong’s got everything from sushi to prawns and shredded lamb. But what caught our attention was the Chicken Sui Mai and the Veg Thai Herbs Dimsum. If you’re ever in the slightest temptation to stay in, we’d say go for it and order in from Big Wong.

Order in from Big Wong here!


2. Volcano Roll from Sushiya

This one’s for all the sushi lovers – with its cutesy name, Sushiya has been stealing hearts with its dazzling, yummy arrays of sushi. Everything’s so delicious that it was just really hard for us to pick a dish! However, we’ve locked down with the delicious spicy salmon volcano sushi roll and the prawns tempura roll. If you’re ever considering throwing a fancy party at home – you can be assured that these would be a hit with your guests.

Order in from Sushiya here!


3. Chicken Gilafi Kebab, Kebab Gali

Kebabs have been making us go googly-eyed since forever. A true blue Delhiite’s first love, mostly everyone has grown up eating these gorgeous Mughlai delicacies and still haven’t outgrown them! Kebab Gali is undoubtedly one of the best places to try kebabs! What we loved most was the Chicken Ghilafi Kebab and we’re here to tell you that this it is absolutely a must-have item if you’re thinking of ordering in. Trust us, you’ll not be sorry.


4. G.O.A.T Burger from Captain Grub

You’ll want to remember Captain Grub for their amazing sliders, sandwiches, hot dogs, salads, pastas and burgers. The list is endless when it comes to deciding what you should eat here. Luckily for you guys, we’ve narrowed it down to their juicy burgers – and the best of them all…The G.O.A.T burger! A lamb patty with harissa spread, provolone cheese *YAAAS*, cured crispy onions and habanero aioli gives this burger a queenly status on our list.


5. Hazelnut Brownie from Theos

It’s hard to not love anything from Theos, because they’re perfect beyond words. They’ve got cakes, cupcakes, pies pastries, tarts, macaroons, puddings and basically everything that comes to your mind when we say “sweet”! What we can’t get over is their Hazelnut Nutella Brownie. If you’ve ever got a bad case of the sweet tooth we think you should get this right away!

Order in from Theos here!


6. Chocolate Brownie Mousse From Angels In My Kitchen

Angels In My Kitchen – they certainly do justice to their name. Their insanely delicious chocolate brownie miss is so heavenly. You’d never want to eat chocolate mousse anywhere else in the world.

Order from Angels In My Kitchen, here!


7. Smashed Beetroot and Hung Yogurt Sandwich From Sandwich And Sons

First things first, they don’t just serve sandwiches – they also have ah-mazing burgers and hot-dogs and secondly – this is the best place for all your crazy sandwich savings! We completely adore their smashed beetroot and hung yogurt sandwich – one bite of that and you’ll understand exactly what we mean.

Order from Sandwich And Sons, here!

Tempted already? How many dishes are you ticking off this list when you order from Swiggy tonight?







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