7 Authentic Bengali Feasts In Kolkata & Where To Find Them


Bengali food is magical, filled with delicate little surprises and is undoubtedly delicious. But wait, when there’s an assortment on the offering, how does one choose the best of the lot? We’re here to help you with the cherry picking.

1. Kochu Patta Diya Chingri Bhappa / Prawns steamed in colocasia leaves.

A delicious steamed delicacy made of mustard seeds, spices, colocasia leaves and prawns – it’s on every Bengali’s list of favourite things to eat. Don’t miss this super star of a dish at Kasturi Restaurant.

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2. Mutton Dak Bungalow / Colonial style mutton curry

There’s an interesting bit of history behind the name of this dish. Its origin traces back to the rule of the British Raj, ‘Dak Bungalow’ meant a resting place which was typically a bungalow, used by travellers for resting in the nights. The caretaker of the house would prepare this Anglo-Indian curry to serve as dinner for the guests. This wholesome curry consists of spiced potatoes, mutton and and a spiced gravy! Give it a go with basmati rice at Bhojohori Manna.

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3. Katla Kalia / Bengali Style Fish Curry

If we’re discussing Bengali food, fish can’t be far behind, can it? After all, they have perfected the art of cooking fish in many wonderful ways (the nation agrees). A must-try local favourite is the Katla Kalia, a simple yet well spiced gravy with the melodious flavours of catla fish. It’s quite popularly served in Bengali weddings. Try this dish at Aami Bengali with Jeera rice and you will not be disappointed.

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4. Mutton Kasa / Bengali Style Mutton Curry

No list that consists of Bengali food is complete without the mention of mutton kasa. Eaten as a typical Sunday meal, this heady aromatic mutton curry is made with mustard oil, cinnamon and chillies. It’s best eaten with luchis (Bengali style puris) at Mutton Golbari.

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5. Bhaja Moong Dal / Bengali Style Dal Fry

A constant in Bengali meals, dal is a force to be reckoned with. Fried in desi ghee and cooked with coconut, this lovely dal goes best with basmati rice and oodles of mutton fry to accompany it with. Experience the goodness of Bhaja Moong Dal at Saptapadi.

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6. Sukto / Bengali Style Veggie Gravy

Ask any true blue Bengali and they’ll tell you that no meal is ever complete without a sukto. A mix of vegetables that contain at least one bitter vegetable is cooked in ghee, spices and mustard oil. There’s also a wee bit of sugar added to balance the bitterness before adding a spice of mustard and poppy seeds. Try sukto at Bangaliana.

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7. Baked Mihidina with Rabri

Dessert is taken very seriously in Bengali cuisine. It comes as no surprise as dessert has always been their claim to fame. A must try dessert from the array of sweet treats is the ‘Baked Mihidina with Rabri’. It’s made of rabri, besan, ghee, sugar, saffron and a host of dry fruits. Find your perfect ending to your Bengali feast with a baked mihidina at Darchini.

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If these local Bengali favourites have you craving, fret not. They’re all just a tap away on the Swiggy app!


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