7 Best Asian Restaurants In Delhi That You’ve Got To Try Right Away


Call off the search. We’ve found the 7 best Asian restaurants in Delhi serving food so good that you’ll want Round 2 of their food even before you’ve finished the first one. Get prepared to be bowled over now!

1. Hudson Chopsticks, GTB Nagar

Cuisines served: Chinese & Thai

Hudson Chopsticks sets the bar high with its delicious menu serving everything from appetizing soups & saucy starters to noodles, be it Hakka or Pad Thai!

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Picture from Hudson Chopsticks


2. Big Wong, Panchsheel Park

Also delivers to Vasant Vihar

Cuisines served: Thai

For starters, how about the steamy, delicate Crystal Chicken Dimsum or the crispy Honey Chilli Lotus Stem? Another thing you can’t miss at Big Wong is their exquisite Black Bean curries!

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Picture from Justdial


3. Guppy, Lodhi Colony

Cuisines served: Japanese & Sushi

What’s better than a plate of Tempura & a plate of Sushi? Both of them, together! Add Guppy’s Prawn or Asparagus Tempura Sushi Rolls on your to-eat list now!

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Picture from Salt and Sandals


4. Mamagoto, Vasant Kunj

Also delivers to Khan Market

Cuisines served: Pan-Asian

Mamagoto means “to play with food”, and that’s precisely what this pan-Asian cafe does! Their endless experiments to invent fusion fare with special secret sauces ensures you’ll always have a magical culinary experience.

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Picture from Pinterest


5. The Fatty Bao, Sangam Courtyard

Cuisines served: Pan-Asian

When ordering from The Fatty Bao, it’s unacceptable to skip their signature dishes like Spicy Tofu Bao, Char Siu Bao or Roast Duck Bao. When you’ve had your share of that, explore the rest of their amazing menu. You’ll love it.

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Picture from LBB


6. Fuji, Connaught Place

Cuisines served: Japanese

For Japanese food (or Washoku) at its authentic best, Fuji is the one you should try. Their dishes are served in different styles like Agemono (deep-fried), Itamemono (stir-fried), Mushimono (steamed), Tempura (deep-fried with batter) or Yakimono (grilled or pan-fried).

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Picture from Fuji – Japanese Restaurant


7. Asian Haus, East of Kailash

Cuisines served: Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Asian, Japanese, Malaysian

Everything from Thai Tom Yum soup & Chinese dumplings to Japanese sushi & Indonesian Nasi Goreng is served at this “haus”. When you’re in the mood for a little culinary mix & match, give Asian Haus a try!

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Picture of Chicken Cashew Nut Dumpling from Asian Haus

Restaurants that almost made it to the list…

Mouth watering yet? Don’t break a sweat! No matter where you are in Delhi, we’ll get your cravings delivered to your doorstep. Stop by on the Swiggy app for more of this awesome food in your neighbourhood!

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