7 Delightful Milkshakes In Bangalore That Will Perk You Up!


The question is, do you really need an excuse to drink milkshake? Hot or not, here are 7 awesome places where the milkshake is on point.


Where: Corner House

What: Chocolate Malt Milkshake

Corner House is one of Bangalore’s legendary milk bars, take our word for it! We recommend trying a crowd favourite: Chocolate Malt Milkshake. It’s not just any milkshake, it’s a thick shake that will keep your hunger at bay for the rest of the day. This creamy, malty chocolate flavour makes for a perfect summer refreshment drink after a workout, trust us!

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Where: Keventers

What: Chocolate Hazelnut Shake

Picture courtesy: Keventers

Ferrero Rocher lovers will not be disappointed with the chocolate hazelnut shake at Keventers. Nutty and bursting with the aroma of freshly-blended hazelnuts, this milkshake is a winner. You can take your milkshake to go if you’re in a hurry. Keventers serves their milkshakes in cute, vintage glass bottles that you can take home.

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Where: Chai Point

What: Mango Shake

Picture courtesy: The Food Shelf

Wondering where to find the best of this season’s mango harvest minus the effort? Chai Point is your best bet. Their delicious, creamy mango shake makes for the perfect late afternoon drink with a samosa.

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Where: Juice Junction

What: Strawberry Milkshake

Every college goer’s budget snack joint, Juice Junction doesn’t disappoint. Their strawberry milkshake is heavenly and is sure to perk up the most boring days. Spice it up with a chilli cheese sandwich for a perfect lunch.

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Where: Shake It Off

What: Kitty Kat Shake

Had a bad day? Shake it off with a kit-kat shake from Shake It Off! We’re willing to take a risk and say that this is hands-down the best kit-kat milkshake in town.

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Where: Lassi Shop

What: Mississippi Mud-pie Shake

We know what you’re thinking – I must try this. Fair warning, this isn’t for the faint hearted. Only a true chocolate lover will be able to relish and appreciate the goodness of this Mississippi Mud-pie shake. Find it at Lassi Shop.

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Where: Brekkie

What: Oats Banana Dates Smoothie

On a diet but craving a smoothie? Give in to Brekkie’s healthy version of a smoothie made with banana, dates and oats! It’s the perfect kickstarter to your day which gives protein shakes a run for their money.

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