7 Fabulous Places To Check Out In Chennai If You Love Seafood!


Seafood lovers are spoilt for choices in Chennai. So where does one head to have an unforgettable seafood meal in a city that’s teeming with lots of choices? We’ve taken the best picks to help you decide where to experience the best of Chennai’s seafood – here they are!


1. Madurai Devar Hotel

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Dreaming of the perfect seafood appetizer? You’ve got to try the crunchy, masala batter doused anchovy fry or nethili fry at Madurai Devar Hotel.


2. Double Roti

Craving for a piece of good ol’ Britain? Enjoy a slice of it at Double Roti, they have a classic English dish – Fish N’ Chips, it’s best savoured with their in house tartar sauce. Perfect for a Sunday brunch.


3. Anjappar

Savour the magic of Chettinad delicacies at Anjappar. Their all time special – Vanjaram fry or seer fish fry is an absolute must-try. Coated in a unique blend of  Chettinad masala, this fish fillet is then fried till it’s just moist on the inside while crisp on the outside. Trust us, you won’t regret it!


4. Kaaraikudi

While we’re still on the subject of Chettinad food, we must talk about how good the crab masala is at Kaarakudi. If you’re on the quest for seafood in Chennai, it would be a shame to miss this little gem of a place.


5. Madurai Sarada Mess

Great things happen when you have great curries by your side, believe us! That’s why we’re recommending trying the famous Keluthi Fish Curry or Catfish Curry at Madurai Sarada Mess. This legendary place deserves a mention – it’s tangy catfish curry is best savoured with their dosas for dinner. You wouldn’t want to skip this!


6. Jonah’s Bistro

To jazz things up a bit, we suggest heading over to Jonah’s Bistro to experience the magic of local and global coming together for a medley of flavours. We hear from the grapevine that their grilled-curried king fish is to die for. It’s a spiced and seared fish fillet which is served on a bed of mango, chilli and mustard sauce, with herbed rice and vegetable. Sounds tempting!


7. Ponnuswamy Hotel

Fish lovers – rejoice! Ponnusamy hotel serves an excellent version of fish 65 on their menu, we sincerely urge you to try it along with their egg uthappam. Trust us, you won’t be sorry!

Well that concludes our list of local seafood dishes to try in Chennai. If you’re not in the mood to head out – we’ve got your back. After all, what’s better than eating on the couch? Load the Swiggy app and give us the order, we’ll bring the food over to you!

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