7 Street Foods In Hyderabad That One Must Try For Sure!


The culture of Hyderabad is truly reflected in its street food. From meals fit for Nizams to tangy chaat to be relished by one and all, Hyderabad’s street food is one stop to experience food from all around India.

With the cricket season upon us, why pick between watching the match indoors & eating Hyderabad’s yummy street food? Just do both! Order in one of these delicious dishes in while you cheer on for your favourite teams.

Check out these options for great street food from Hyderabad that you can order in on Swiggy.

1. Khubus Special Shawarma from Chicken Shawarma Hub

Picture credit: HungryForever.com

Get a bite of the Middle East at home with the delicious Khubus Special Shawarma. With juicy chunks of chicken dripping in mayonnaise and wrapped in fresh, hot pita bread, it’s easy to indulge in this shawarma while you cheer for your team.

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2. Any Frankie from Tibbs Frankie

The story of Tibb’s Frankie & the Frankie itself is the stuff legends are made of, agree?  Inspired from a wrap in Beirut, Lebanon and brought to life in Mumbai, the Frankies are nothing short of heaven with their stuffing of Paneer or Chicken chunks dressed in a secret tangy, spicy sauce.

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3. A range of burgers from Big Byte

A range of pocket-friendly burgers for a quick indulgence through the match is guaranteed with a range of burgers from Big Byte. They’ve got delicious burgers ranging from Mushroom Burger & Paneer Burger for the vegetarians to Chicken Cheese Burger for the non-vegetarian soul.

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4. Bhel Puri from Sri Narsing Bhelpuri

Picture credit: FussFreeCooking

This is street food at its original best. Light on the pocket and on your tummy, munching on some Bhel Puri during the match is the same as munching on popcorn in the theater.

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5. Chaat and Pan from Mayur Pan House

Craving some pani puri & pan indoors? Why worry when we can deliver it from Mayur Pan House, a popular pick for your favourite chaat, pan & shakes to cool off while watching some heated, nail-biting matches?

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6. Burgers, rolls & pastries from KS Bakers

This pocket-friendly bakery never fails to delight with its range of burgers & pastries. Whether you want to bite into a burger or celebrate with delicious butterscotch or black forest pastries, we think KS Bakers is a good option for it all.

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7. Tawa Mysore Bajji from Rahul Tiffins

The answer to South Indian fast food? It’s definitely a plate of fresh, hot Tawa Mysore Bajji from Rahul Tiffins. It’s the perfect companion to a hot cup of tea for those afternoon matches. Order now!

From delicious tidbits to a filling meal, we’ll deliver all your cravings in a jiffy. Fire up the Swiggy app to explore from a range of options near you & order now!

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