7 Lip-smacking Chutneys Your Dosa Is Missing


India is famous for its delicious chutneys that add flavours even to the blandest main course. It completely transforms the way your everyday dosa or idli tastes. All places that serve south Indian breakfast have one or more varieties of chutneys available.


Chutneys that are made with the right flavours make a perfect side dish.  While coconut and tomato chutney are the most common ones, there are more that you should try. Read on to know more.

Coconut Mint Chutney

A small variation to the well-known coconut chutney that has fresh mint leaves added to it. The mint leaves add a zingy flavour to this chutney. 


Garlic Chutney

While most people avoid garlic, this dish is worth leaving your inhibitions behind and giving it a shot. This chutney is tastes best when made with the right amount of ingredients such as tamarind, chillies, and curry leaves. The distinctive taste will have you reaching for more despite the spice.


Onion Chutney

One ingredient that completes most dishes is onion, and so you can count on onion chutney to liven up your meal. With the binding component being onion, the other ingredients like tamarind, red chillies and garlic cloves complement the dish when uniformly blended.


Fig Chutney

Made from dried figs, white vinegar, chillies, and garlic this sweet and tangy chutney will be nothing like you’d ever tasted. This irresistible chutney will be on your list of favourites after one trial.


Curry Leaves Chutney

While most believe that curry leaves are meant to garnish, there is a lot more than you can do with these green leaves. This exciting dish is made with onion, tamarind pulp, black pepper, and most importantly an abundance of curry leaves. This is relatively common in south India and you’ll find this find in many local restaurants.


Gongura Pachadi

Popular in Andhra Pradesh, Gongora is the leaves of a plant popularly grown in the south. The chutney also has onions, tamarind and other spices to give a spicy yet mouth-watering dish that is perfect to have with crisp round dosas.


Basil Chutney

Basil chutney is made of basil, coriander, ginger, onions and surprisingly, apples. What matters is the ingredients work well together and is perfect to pair beside any dish.

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