7 Street Food Specialties That One Must Try In Delhi!


Delhi is known for 3 things – being the capital city of the most diverse country in the world, its rich history & the food!

Delhiites take their food seriously. They have streets like Chandni Chowk & Parathewali Gali that is dedicated to serving Delhi’s delicious dishes. They have food walks for breakfast & tea-time that goes hand-in-hand with sightseeing. Delhi is also the birthplace of Butter Chicken & chaat (tangy street food).

If you haven’t tried this exquisite collection of street food, then allow us to show you 7 great places you’ve been missing out on. (Bonus: You can order these to your doorstep using the Swiggy app!)

1. Moolchand Parathewala

Their specialty: Parathas

The oldest kid on the block, Moolchand Parathewala is as much part of Delhi’s history as the Qutub Minar. Their menu consists of a wide variety of veg & non-veg parathas to die for!

Moolchand Parathewala

Picture Credits: Food Enthusiasts of Delhi

2. Sita Ram Diwan Chand

Their specialty: Channa Bhatura (also called Chole Bhature)

The image says it all – they’re clearly all about the Chole Bhature. Although Chole Bhature is a snack, Sita Ram Diwan Chand serves their specialty like any other restaurant, and ensure that you are filled by the quantity & satisfied with the quality!

Picture Credits: Youtube

 3. Karim’s

Their specialty: Mughlai cuisine – biryani & kebabs!

Originating from Old Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, Karim’s is the cradle of innovation for the Indianized version of Mughlai cuisine. Veggies, fear not – there’s some Shahi Paneer for you too!

Picture Credits: Pakwangali


4. Al Bake

Their specialty: Shawarma rolls

A quick bite into the delicious goodness of Shawarma rolls offered by Al Bake is something you can’t miss while you’re in Delhi! P.S. It’s light on your pocket too.

Picture Credits: Buzz In Town

5. Roshan Di Kulfi

Their specialty: Kulfi

Famous for their Kulfi & a wide range of street food offerings, Roshan Di Kulfi is a pitstop for shoppers visiting Karol Bagh’s Ghaffar Market & Ajmal Khan Road.

Picture Credits: Imperial Inn Food Blog

6. Rahul Eggs

Their specialty: Dishes prepared with eggs

Again, the name is clear – Rahul Eggs serves up a hailstorm of dishes based around the humble egg. There are over 350 dishes on their menu, so if you love eggs, you have something new to try for every day of the year!

Egg dishes from Rahul Eggs

Picture Credits: Youtube

7. TBK Kulcha’s

Their specialty: Kulchas

Located in Janakpuri, TBK Kulcha’s serve more than just Kulchas. Delhi’s young crowd also floods this eatery for their Indian & non-Indian fast food, including sandwiches, pasta & cheesy garlic bread!

Kulchas from TBK's Kulchas

Picture Credits: Google

Whether you’re in for a trip or a resident of Delhi, these 7 iconic eateries with their specialties are the thing that distinguishes you from a true Delhiite. To try them out, open the Swiggy app & order in these Delhi delights!



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