7 Traditional Iftar Dishes You Should Definitely Try This Ramzan


The month of Ramzan is upon us. To those of us who don’t know, Ramzan (also spelled Ramadan) is a month dedicated to prayer & fasting. During Ramzan, a person who observes a fast cannot have a bite of food or a sip of any liquid from dawn to dusk.

The fast is broken just before the evening prayers with a meal called Iftar. Iftar time is when hot-off-the-stove savouries and freshly cut fruits are served to those who observe the day-long fast.

In recent times, a lot of us have been invited to Iftar parties. But do you know what a traditional Iftar spread looks like? We’ll give you a sneak peek into the top Iftar dishes.

1. Haleem

Haleem is the go-to comfort dish that can instant lift any weary spirit! Consisting of wheat, barley and lentils and meat, Haleem packs a powerful punch with every spoon.

The most spectacular part about this dish is the fact that it is slowly cooked till all the ingredients melt into a porridge-like texture. Once cooked, it’s topped off with crisp golden-brown onions & coriander & served.

Haleem for Iftar

Picture from The Times Of India


2. Fresh fruits & juices

Traditionally, a fast is broken with dates & a glass of water. But why stop at that?

You can treat your tummy to freshly-made fruit juices or a bowl of mixed fruit salad to get hydrated instantly. For the ones who like it so, sprinkle some chaat masala & taste the magic. 😉

Picture from Yummy O Yummy


3. Samosa

These small stuffed pockets are the most preferred Iftar snacks! Stuffing can vary from the Kheema (minced meat), potatoes, onions or an assortment of your favourite veggies!

Our tip? Serve these hot, crispy bites with mint chutney or ketchup, if that’s your go-to sauce!

Picture from Youtube


4. Sheer Khurma

Those who think Sheer Khurma is only made during Eid are mistaken.

Traditionally, Sheer Khurma is also served during Iftar. Why, you ask? This sweet pudding made of vermicelli, milk, dates & dry fruits with a hint of rose (water) can replenish all the nutrients you’ve been drained out of through the day!

Picture from Pepper Garlic Kitchen


5. Cutlets & patties

Who doesn’t love cutlets? After a long day of fasting, nothing tastes as good as the crumb-covered, deep-fried cutlet stuffed with tender meat or mashed potatoes, whichever you like!

If not cutlets, most Iftars definitely have other favourites like pakora, spring rolls, patties & tikkis to indulge in 😉

Picture from The Times Of India


6. Kebabs

From melt-in-your mouth to meaty, we love all types of kebabs there are to try! It’s the best bite-sized snack to pop in your mouth & instantly satisfy your cravings.

Picture from Kebabs On The Grille


7. Khova Naan

A Ramzan favourite, Khova Naan is made of a crunchy pastry shell stuffed with Khova (thickened milk). Originally served with a grated coconut stuffing, Khova Naan has slowly taken over as the more preferred Ramzan dessert over the years.

Picture from The Hindu

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