8 Feelings That’ll You’ll Get Only If You Are A True Pizza Lover


We aren’t the only ones who believe that pizza is the greatest invention of this century. What is it about pizza that we all love? Is it the cheesiness? Or the warm filling feeling you get in your heart when you see it?

When you smell/see/hear pizza

Anyway, there isn’t a day that goes by when we don’t think about pizza let alone a week. We are spoilt for choice when it comes to the toppings,  so nobody can blame us for the state we are in. Let’s face it. It calls to us.

There are hundreds of emotions we go through with pizza. Here are 8 emotions every pizza lover has experienced more than once in their life.

Feeling #1: When You See Pizza

Yes, you have seen it many times in your life. But it always feels like the very first time. The joy, anticipation, and excitement explodes making you ecstatic. And yes, it happens every time. Is there a better way to greet a loved one?


Feeling #2: When Someone Offers You Pizza

They have offered you food. No, wait. They have offered you pizza. Whether they know it or not, they are your best friend now.


Feeling #3: When Someone Suggests Ordering Something Other Than Pizza

You cannot begin to comprehend what he/she is thinking. What better way to unwind and besides, you deserve this after a long day. You might have had it for lunch, but who cares? Knowing that you will be having pizza soon is the only thing keeping you from resorting to violence.


Feeling #4: When You Find Someone Who Loves Pizza As Much As You Do

And you thought you were the only one. Finding that one person who enjoys pizzas as much as you is like finding your soulmate. There is no such thing as too much pizza or leftover pizzas when it comes to you guys. Unless it comes to the last piece…


Feeling #5: The Feeling When The Pizza Delivery Man Rings The Doorbell

This is the very moment you have been waiting for from the very second you placed the order. Looking through the peephole doesn’t really help, but it’s better than just sitting around. This way you can be the first one to open the door the very second he knocks.


Feeling #6: When Someone Lectures You About Pizza Being Unhealthy

Who wants to hear bad things about the one they love? You have eaten hundreds of them. And besides, pizza makes you feel good. What do they know?


Feeling #7: When Pizza Is All Over Your Social Media Accounts

You love it, and you are open about it. You might have had many pictures together already! But this one is the latest so why not share what you love with the world?


Feeling #8: Pizza Has Taken Over Your Dreams

You are at a point where you dream about pizza. They are all wonderful dreams, so you do get a good night’s rest. The only way to make your dreams come true is by ordering a pizza in the morning.

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