A Feast For Royals: Rajasthani Cuisine


We all have at least one Rajasthani friend and you’re lucky if that friend treats you to delectable Rajasthani dishes occasionally. Often termed as the Food of Royals; Rajasthani cuisine is ladened with ghee and besan; and it isn’t meant for the fitness freaks out there.

So, what are the best Rajasthani dishes that you ought to try? There are many and Rajasthani cuisine isn’t about one particular dish. It’s a complete meal that satisfies your taste buds and fills you up so much so that you can’t move for an hour or so.

Before you dive in, know that Rajasthani food is a mix of Mewari, Bikaneri, Marwari, and Shekhawati food styles. Whether you’re a sweet lover, or you chase spice, Rajasthani cuisine has you covered.

Here are some delectable Rajasthani dishes you should get your hands on ASAP:

Gatte ki Sabzi

Picture credit: mygingergarlickitchen

You’ve heard of the Rajasthani thali, right? Any Rajasthani thali is incomplete without the quintessential Gatte ki Sabzi. It is a Rajasthani sabzi and once you taste it, you will understand why. It has cooked gram flour (besan) dumplings, paired with a curd based gravy.

Methi Bajra Poori

Picture credit: Archanaskitchen

Kathiyawadi Kichdi

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Originating from a region in Rajasthan that goes by the same name, this wholesome meal will fill you up, and give you your necessary dose of veggies. Dal is an extra addition that isn’t always there. Kathiyawadi Khichdi surely doesn’t get the hype that it deserves!  

Dal Baati

Picture credit: YouTube

We all know the humble dal baati! It makes up a huge chunk of childhood memories for those of us who grew up in Rajasthan. The origin story of the baati is a mindblowing one! They were eaten by tribals who bakes the baati under the hot sand of the desert. They’re very filling, and taste absolutely delicious when soaked in ghee.

Kairi ki Sabzi

Picture credit: Savita Shekhawat

The best part about summer is undoubtedly mangos! Everyone is in a rush to get the best ones and use them in a variety of ways. While some make juices, others have them raw.

Well…the Rajasthanis use it to make sabzis too.

This dish makes use of diced unripe green mangoes cooked in spices. The dish is delectable and tastes best with chapatis.

Mawa Kachori

Picture credit: Taste of City

We aren’t going to talk Rajasthani food without some scrumptious mawa kachori. If you aren’t a sweet tooth, it’s because you haven’t tried one yet! This is your humble kachori filled with khoya/mawa, and dry fruits.

If you find yourself craving for Rajasthani food, just pick up your phone and fire up with Swiggy app! We’ll bring all your favourites over to the comfort of your bean bag.

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