Here Are 7 Legendary Restaurants For The Best Biryani In Kolkata


Biryani on your mind? Here are 7 restaurants where you’ll find the best biryani in Kolkata, hands down. Go on & give it a try right now!

1. Arsalan, Park Circus

Why go to Mumbai when the biggest celebrity is right here in Kolkata? Arsalan’s biryani is the stuff legends are made of, and is definitely one to add to your buckeat, oops, bucket list.

Foodie pick? Chicken Biryani

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Source: Archana’s Kitchen


2. Royal Indian Hotel, Burrabazar

To experience Awadhi biryani the way the Gods intended it, order in a plate of their special, Royal Mutton Biryani. You’ll be left wanting more of Royal Indian Hotel‘s biryani for sure!

Foodie pick? Royal Mutton Biryani

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P.S. You can also order in from their branch, Royal Indian Restaurant, here.

Source: NDTV


3. Aminia Restaurant, Golpark

Even as the time fades away, you can be assured that the flavours of Aminia’s biryani won’t! This legendary biryani is one you CANNOT skip.

Foodie pick? Chicken Biryani

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Source: Lalahs


4. Zam Zam Restaurant, Park Circus

There’s only one reason why Zam Zam Restaurant made it to this list of the best Kolkata biryanis – their signature Beef Biryani. Don’t miss it for the world.

Foodie pick? Beef Biryani

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Source: NDTV


5. Shiraz Golden Restaurant, Park Street

Did you know that the biryani at Shiraz Golden Restaurant is prepared by the descendants of the royal chef of Wajid Ali Shah, the last Nawab of Awadh? If that’s not reason enough to try it, nothing else is.

Foodie pick? Chicken Biryani

Order from Shiraz Golden Restaurant >

Source: Google Images


6. Mezban, Ripon Street

If you love the classic Kolkata biryani featuring the humble potato, Mezban is your best bet. Don’t forget to add their juicy kebabs to your order!

Foodie pick? Mutton Nawabi Biryani and Badsahi Murgh Biryani at a close second place!

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Source: Newscrab


7. Haji Saheb, Behala

If you can stop yourself from devouring their heavenly rolls, then take a minute to try Haji Saheb‘s equally amazing biryani. We can’t decide the better of the two, so why not have them both? 😀

Foodie pick? Chicken Biryani

Order from Haji Saheb >

Source: Golconda Chimney


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