Start Your Day Right With A Breakfast From These 12 Restaurants In Pune


For some of us, exercise is the best way to start a day. For some others, it’s music. But for most of us, it’s a delicious breakfast. And here are 12 restaurants to order in the best breakfasts in Pune right away!

This article contains restaurants for:

  • South Indian breakfast
  • Irani cafes
  • Poha
  • Continental breakfast

Best South Indian breakfast in Pune

If you like to start your day with a plate of steaming hot Idlis dunked in spicy Sambar or lip-smacking chutney, these South Indian restaurants in Pune should be on your list.

1. Wadeshwar, Shivaji Nagar

While the flavours of Wadeshwar’s South Indian dishes are on point, their yummy healthy bites also pack quite a punch of goodness!

Breakfast pick? Ghee Idli

Order now from Wadeshwar >

Idli | Source: Wadeshwar


2. Priya, Camp

What’s the classic South Indian breakfast trio? Idli, Sambar & Chutney, of course! And for the best version of this breakfast, Priya is the right choice.

Breakfast pick? Idli Sambar with Chutney & Vegetable Cutlets

Order now from Priya >

Veg Cutlet | Source: Hungry Forever


3. The Breakfastbox, Pimple Saudagar

Why bother deciding what to eat every morning when The Breakfastbox can get it all? Just pick the dish you like and get the juice & snacks to wash your breakfast down.

Breakfast pick? Masala Dosa Breakfast Box

Order now from The Breakfastbox >

Masala Dosa | Source: Hungry Forever


Best Irani cafes in Pune

Pune is one of the few Indian cities where you can experience Irani cafes in all its glory. Check out the Irani restaurants you should try for something other than the good ol’ Bun Maska & Chai.

1. Irani Cafe, Viman Nagar

Is there anything better than tea in the morning paired with bun & butter, you wonder? Well, you haven’t tried Irani Cafe’s other equally amazing eats!

Breakfast pick? Cheese Omelette & Tea

Order now from Irani Cafe >

Cheese Omelette | Source: Midday


2. Cafe Goodluck, Shivaji Nagar

Even more iconic than Cafe Goodluck itself is that you’ll be unable to resist their Bun Maska, just like many, many others since 1935!

Breakfast pick? Bun Omelette

Order now from Cafe Goodluck >

Bun & Irani Chai | Source: Times Of India


3. Aur Irani Chai, Aundh

Foodies in Aundh, get your share of the delicious Irani Chai and Bun Maska at Aur Irani Chai. Don’t be surprised if you end up craving more of it immediately!

Breakfast pick? Bun Cheese Omelette & Mawa Cake

Order now from Aur Irani Chai >

Mawa Cake | Source: NDTV Food


Best restaurants for Poha in Pune

There’s nothing better than Poha to start your day. Here’s where you can get your hands on the perfect plate of Poha.

1. Chai Shai, Viman Nagar

What better way to start the day than with a plate of nutritious Poha and a cup of refreshing tea? Chai Shai serves it best.

Breakfast pick? Poha & Chai

Order now from Chai Shai >

Aloo Poha & Tea | Source: Archana’s Kitchen


2. Indorilaal, Baner

Can’t resist a plate of delicious Indori Poha? Don’t. Just get your fix of the delicious Poha, Jalebis and Kachoris that Indorilaal has to offer.

Breakfast pick? Indore Ka Poha & Desi Ghee Ki Jalebi

Order now from Indorilaal >

Indori Poha & Jalebi | Source: Flavouroma


3. Cafe Durga, Kothrud

The tales you’ve heard about Cafe Durga’s delicious Bhurji, Poha & coffee are spot on. The best part? So pocket-friendly.

Breakfast pick? Poha & Cold Coffee

Order now from Cafe Durga >

Cold Coffee, Cafe Durga | Source: Talking Street


Best restaurants for a Continental breakfast in Pune

Wondering where to order in that picture-perfect English breakfast? Here are some Continental eateries in Pune that’ll serve exactly what your heart desires.

1. Peter’s Pan, Wanowrie

Days that start with pancakes are the best, which is why we recommend starting your day with pancakes from Peter’s Pan.

Breakfast pick? Blueberry Pancake

Order now from Peter’s Pan >

Blueberry Pancake | Source: Peter’s Pan


2. Where Else Cafe, Viman Nagar

If you fancy yourself a delicious English Breakfast, Where Else Cafe is the unanimous answer. A tip? Indulge in their decadent Hot Chocolate – you’ll love it.

Breakfast pick? English Breakfast & Hot Chocolate

Order now from Where Else Cafe >

English Breakfast | Source: Where Else Cafe


3. Yolkshire, Kothrud

Egg lovers, here’s the ultimate fix. If you like your days sunny side up, Yolkshire is an egg-cellent choice for breakfast.

Breakfast pick? One of their many Continental or Desi omelettes

Order now from Yolkshire >

Regular Spaniards Breakfast | Source: Yolkshire

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