A Burger A Day Keeps You Happy Always, So Try These 10 Burgers In Chennai Right Away!


Sometimes we catch ourselves in the shower singing “I like big burgers and I cannot lie”; we wouldn’t be surprised if you do it too. If you’ve been on the lookout for some great burgers, you’re in luck! We’re gonna show you some of the best burger joints in Chennai.

1. Cafe Arabica, Anna Nagar

At Cafe Arabica, we’d recommend The Mexican Chicken Burger, which is loaded with a spicy patty, a spicy salsa and some mayonnaise. It’s definitely different from the usual crop of burgers and is bursting with flavor. If you’re a vegetarian, you can always go for the Grilled Cottage Cheese Burger, which is put together using paneer, lettuce, cheese and mayonnaise, and Cafe Arabica’s special sauce which will definitely leave you wanting more.

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2. Double Roti, Anna Nagar

Go for the mouth-watering Herb Chili Mushroom Burger, a veg pattied burger teamed with mushrooms sautéed in butter and chili garlic mayonnaise sauce. If you’re really hungry, you should order the Char-Grilled Pork Teriyaki Burger. It’s an overload of meat, but a welcome one, nonetheless, with a pork patty topped with teriyaki bacon and a mustard sauce that will give you a kick.

Looking for something more tried and tested? Try the Classic Cheese Burger which you can’t go wrong with – ground beef tenderloin steak, with a slice of cheese melted over it, topped with some tomatoes, lettuce, and the holy trinity of condiments: mayo, ketchup, and mustard.

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3. The 90s Cafe, Anna Nagar

The 90s Cafe has the usual burger classics but you must try their tropical versions of the glorified sandwich. While The Hakuna Matata Chicken Burger starts off as a normal burger with its flame-grilled chicken, classic veggies & sauces like barbecue, teriyaki, mayo, and mustard. The twist to the burger are the pineapples along with their special Hawaiian sauce and golden French fries on the side.

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4. Brick House Bistro, Anna Nagar

At Brick House Bistro, the simple-but-beautiful BHB Burger is what you must try. With chicken and beef variants, it consists of a grilled patty topped with melted cheese, a fried egg, toasted salami, and their special BHB sauce.  Seafood lovers, order in the King of Prawn Burger, where fried golden prawns are doused with a flavourful garlic butter chili and mustard sauce.

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5. Cheesy Juicy Burgers, Nungambakkam

Cheesy Juicy Burgers is present in so many localities in and around Chennai that you’ll never feel left out! Order The Don, wherein minced chicken is seasoned with Tandoori spices and is topped with a fried egg and some cheese. If that’s not enough, try the Spicy Tex-Mex Burger, where chicken strips are marinated with a Mexican seasoning and a spicy Mexican jalapeno sauce topped with a fried egg & cheese.

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6. BurgerMan, Besant Nagar

When hunger strikes again, look no further than to call the one and only burger-wielding superhero: BurgerMan!  Try the Cheese Boom Burger, wherein a crispy cheese and jalapeño patty bursts with even more cheese as you bite into it! While that’s going on, you find that you’re biting into a few nachos hidden inside too!

And if you’re over chicken burgers, BurgerMan is here to save the day yet again! Go for the Teriyaki Lamb Burger – a juicy lamb patty layered with lettuce, tomato, onion and a fried egg. On top of all that, there’s the unique Japanese sauce, made from soya bean sauce, honey, tamarind, sesame seeds.

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7. Cafe Burgerin, Egmore

If eating a burger ever became a verb, we’d want to be ‘burgerin’ all the time! Here, we’d recommend that vegetarians go for a Golden Corn Burger, made up of a veg patty layered with roasted corn that’s sautéed in special ingredients, topped with mayo and cucumbers. We also love their Mint ‘O’ Chicken Burger, which is a chicken patty topped with their Chef’s special mint sauce, giving a cool kick to an otherwise savoury burger.

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8. Tovo, Mylapore

Tovo is known for their fancy burgers, and you have the choice of ordering a tall burger, or a compact one. The one that we love is an absolute feast for meat enthusiasts: the Hamisage Chicken Burger. You get a bed of sautéed sausages, along with house-made salami and ham, stuffed between caramelized onions, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, and cheese. Another one of our favourites include the Gosht Burger, where minced lamb is marinated with spices and cooked on a tava, and later topped with crispy onion rings and cheese.

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9. Pupil, Besant Nagar

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Pupil has some of the most overloaded non-veg burgers we’ve ever seen; there are so many combinations here that we had trouble choosing just one! We’d suggest you go for Hamburg’s Delight Burger, where beef patties are paired with sausages, bacon, ham, cheese, pickles and potato wedges on the side. If you’re looking for something slightly lighter than that, go for the All Meat (Chicken) Burger, where you get some rosemary chicken breast, chicken salami, chicken sausage, and finally some chicken tikka, all stacked up between buns, and finally topped with cheddar cheese, pickle and fries on the side.

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10. Chili’s American Grill & Bar, Royapettah

This All-American legend has its roots in Tex-Mex fusion cuisine. That being said, the burgers here have those authentic rustic flavours to them, such as the Southern Smokehouse Beef Burger, which is made of Applewood-smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, garlic dill pickles, spiced panko onion rings, lettuce, tomatoes, and Chili’s signature sauce.

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You’ve reached the end of our list, and you still don’t have a burger in your hand by now? What are you waiting for?! Fire up the Swiggy app and order your favourite burgers soon!

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