5 Favourite Food Trucks In Delhi NCR That Deliver To You


Why go to your favourite food truck when it can come to you? We’ve rounded up the 5 food trucks in Delhi NCR that you can order in from right now! Shall we begin?

1. Frugurpop

Rewind to the good ol’ days of enjoying refreshing popsicles on a hot summer day. The best part? Ordering in from Frugurpop as easy as hitting the ‘play’ button on your favourite song!

Near Huda City

Recommended items
Banana Nutella Waffle Popsicle, Fruitilicious Popsicle

Order from Frugurpop now >

Fruitilicious Popsicle from Frugurpop


2. Drifters Cafe

With their tasty, wholesome food and lip-smacking flavours, Drifters Cafe is the paradise for any Asian foodie. Can we get some (more) dim sum?!

Near Leisure Valley Park

Recommended items
Corn & Water Chestnut Dim Sum, Kung Pao Chicken

Order from Drifters Cafe now >

Kung Pao Chicken from Drifters Cafe


3. Street Foods by Punjab Grill

Need a pick-me-up? Order in the juicy tikkas, spicy rolls and more North Indian chakna (quick bites) from Street Foods by Punjab Grill right away!

Near Jalvayu Towers

Order from Street Foods by Punjab Grill now >

Paneer Tikka from Street Foods by Punjab Grill


4. Eggjactly

Chocolatey waffles? Tasty Maggi noodles? Spicy hot chicken wings? Eggjactly why you must order in from here. They’ve got all your comfort food cravings sorted!

Near Huda City

Recommended items
Chicken Wings in Devil’s Sauce, Choco Blast Waffles

Order from Eggjactly now >

Choco Blast Waffles from Eggjactly


5. Sushi House Mafia

Don’t you worry, Sushi lovers, because Sushi House Mafia has a menu for you! And boy, they’re both a treat for your eyes AND your tastebuds. Take a look at their Rainbow Rolls for starters 😉

Near Huda City

Recommended items
Rainbow Roll, Chicken or Veg California Roll

Order from Sushi House Mafia now >

Rainbow Roll from Sushi House Mafia

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