Something Fishy? Look No Further Than These 10 Seafood Restaurants In Kolkata For The Best.


What’s the secret to the City of Joy’s happiness? We believe it has to do with a little of that Vitamin Sea! To be honest, Kolkata does have some of the best seafood that can be enjoyed in India. And here are 10 seafood restaurants in Kolkata that really proves the point.

1. Mocambo, Park Street

Can’t take our eyes off this beautiful plate of Mocambo’s Devilled Crab!

Having served the who’s-who of Kolkata for the better part of the last century, Mocambo’s heritage dishes are worth trying once in this lifetime, especially their Fish A La Diana, Beckty Bell Meuniere & Devilled Crab!

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2. Bohemian, Ballygunge

Bohemian’s Chilli Pickle & Cheese Baked Crab with Kokni Greens is quite a mm-mouthful. 😉

If you’ve ever wondered what the fusion of Bengali & Continental cuisine would taste like, you now have Bohemian to serve you! Their dishes take your tastebuds places they’ve never experienced before.

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3. Fish Fish, Ballygunge

This Pomfret Maccher Masala looks delish!

Hardcore seafood fan? Fish Fish will satisfy all types of seafood cravings, whether it’s lip-smacking Bengali dishes to pan-Asian delicacies.

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4. Oh! Calcutta, Tangra

Doesn’t this Chingri Malai Curry make you drool?

When Bengali food is on your mind, food from Oh! Calcutta should be on your plate! Everything from Smoked Hilsa to Rui Maachher Dom Jhol (carp with veggies) is worth your time (and tastebuds).

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5. Ocean Grill, Salt Lake

Here’s the famous Herb Crusted Bhetki – crispy on the outside and soft on the inside!

Move over, Fish & Chips – Ocean Grill’s Herb Crusted Oven Baked Bhetki is our new comfort-seafood! OG’s Special Fisherman Basket is another top favourite that foodies love.

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6. 6 Ballygunge Place, Kasba

Look at this one-of-a-kind Chingrir Malai Thali – a must-try at 6 Ballygunge Place!

At 6 Ballygunge Place, the true celebrity is the food they serve! While we’d love to recommend just about every dish on their menu, they are one of the few places that serve a delicious Bengali-style fish thali!

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7. Kasturi, Jessore Road

Kasturi’s Kochupatta Diye Bhetki Bhappa is a must try!

Bringing together a combination of Bengali & Dhakai (Bangladeshi) cuisines, Kasturi is one of those special places for wholesome seafood eats that will warm your heart with its simple yet rich flavours.

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8. Waldorf, Park Street

Meet Waldorf’s Pan Fried Fish for a spicy affair!

When it comes to Chinese (sea)food, nothing beats Waldorf. Foodies rave about their Pan Fried Fish tossed in chilli sauce and soothing Crab Meat with Fresh Asparagus Soup.

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9. Bhojohori Manna, Hatibagan

Bhetki Rongpuri Fry, a staple starter, served on point by chefs at Bhojohori Manna

No list of eateries in Kolkata is complete without the iconic Bhojohori Manna. And the dishes you must try here? Their crispy Bhetki Rongpuri Fry & Natur Gurer (jaggery) ice cream, a Bengali winter delight!

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10. Aaheli, Esplanade

This Daab Chingri Pelobota (prawns cooked within green coconut shell) tempts us for a bite.

Still with us? Great, because we saved this rising star for the very end! Aaheli is on a mission to serve you some of the finest renditions of classic Bengali dishes known to Kolkata. The result is a culinary experience unlike anything else!

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We guarantee that we’ll make all your cravings for fish come true! All you have to do is fire up the Swiggy app and order in from one of the many seafood restaurants in your area. Download the app here & get Swiggying!

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