Bun It Up With These 6 Bangalore Burgers


Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t LOVE burgers? We highly doubt that, because what’s not to love about them? When there’s warm toasted buns with lip-smacking sauces and crumb-fried, flavorsome patties enclosed within, you’ll end up wanting more than you’d asked for.

Which is why we thought you would love this guide to the best burgers in Bangalore, because if you’re a burger fan & haven’t tried these, you’re totally missing out! Here’s the scoop for you.

1. Truffles Ice & Spice

One of Bangalore’s top foodie picks, Truffles Ice & Spice has everything you could ever crave! Instead of waiting to get a table, we suggest ordering in these burgers to indulge in them as fast as you can. Don’t say we didn’t tell you before.

Non-veggies, bite into… their Sloppy Joe Chicken Burger loaded with chicken chunks, smoked sausages. Watch out for the dripping sauce & cheese!

Veggies, you should try… their All American Veg Burger with a cheese burst patty. Yum!

Craving the burgers from Truffles Ice & Spice? Get it here.

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2. Leon Grill

Burger on a budget? Look no further than Leon Grill. With its range of food from Middle Eastern hummus-drizzled doner wraps to their spicy, crunchy burgers, you’ll keep ordering in for more!

Non-veggies, bite into… their perfect Peri-Peri Chicken Burger to spice up your day!

Veggies, you should try… their awesome & affordable Veggie Supreme Burger.

Want to order from Leon Grill? Get it here.

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3. Cafe Thulp

“Thulping”, meaning binging on food, is an experience that is manifested in the form of delicious, quirky burgers served at Cafe Thulp. Our tip? Don’t try these burgers unless you’re prepared to fall in love with them.

Non-veggies, bite into… the all-India famous burger, Moo, with added indulgence of bacon & cheese if you wish. Chicken eaters, you can try the Impostor Burger & add cheese & bacon too!

Veggies, you should try… their Beirut Express Veggie Burger, which is a ride into the Middle East with a stuffing of falafel seasoned with hummus.

Binge on burgers from Cafe Thulp – order here.

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4. Smally’s Resto Cafe

The name is Smally’s, but what’s in a name? Shakespeare was right – the burgers at Smally’s are nothing close to small! Their menu of burgers & shakes, with names that are quite interesting, is one that definitely warrants more than just one order!

Non-veggies, bite into… their secret-sauce marinated Classic Chickaboo Burger and for hardcore non-veggies, we dare you to try the Trucker Burger, their double-pattied beef indulgence.

Veggies, you should try… their Classic Farmville Burger with a patty full of the goodness of zucchini, carrots, peas & mash.

Satisfy your burger fix – order from Smally’s Resto Cafe here.


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5. A Hole Lotta Love

You know what they say – all you need is love. And if you love burgers, A Hole Lotta Love is the place to be. Here’s a secret tip: these flavorful, sloppy burgers are even better when washed down with their wholesome shakes!

Non-veggies, bite into… The Chicken Steak Burger, stuffed with crumb-fried chicken flavoured with BBQ sauce & a side of coleslaw.

Veggies, you should try… the recommended mash, corn & peas stuffed House Veggie Burger or try The “Naked” Veggie Burger which is grilled paneer steak minus the bun.

Order from A Hole Lotta Love here.

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6. Bundar

Bundar lives up to its name, because the choice of yummy burgers to try here will make you go bananas! From never-seen-before black bun burgers to burgers filled with strips of bacon instead of patty, these burgers are sure to completely satisfy your cravings.

Non-veggies, bite into… their All American Cheese Burger, with the favourite crumb-fried chicken patty with cheddar cheese oozing in every bite. Hardcore non-veggies, you can thank us later for loving their Death By Bacon burger.

Veggies, you should try… Hakuna Batata Burger for the voraciously hungry veggie.

Order in your favourite Bundar burger here.

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