What’s The Lowdown On Burritos, The World’s Most Famous Comfort Food?


When you think about Mexican food, the first thing you’re going to think of is a burrito. This little piece of heaven has a special place in everyone’s hearts (or stomach). But how much do you really know about this wonder food? There’s got to be some kind of story as to how humanity was blessed with this gift, right? You’re right about that. There’s definitely a superhero origin story that we’d be happy to tell you about.


The ‘Roll’ Story

There are several stories out there that claim to be the origin of this magnificent beast. But there’s one that’s more popular than the rest.

In the early 20th century, a man name Juan Mendez from Chihuahua (not the dog) in Mexico sold taco shells and other food on the streets. He carried the food on top of a donkey. To keep it warm, he wrapped the meat in a homemade tortilla. This dish is what you would call the first instance of the burrito.

Soon his customers tried this new food that Juan Mendez invented and went absolutely crazy for it. They waited for him every day with his donkey, Burrito. Yep, it’s actually named after the donkey, not Juan.



Surprised? The word Burrito comes from the word “burro” which means donkey. The word Burrito literally translates to “little donkey”. Talk about innovation!

Some people tried other ways of relating the dish to the donkey, how it looked like the donkey’s ears or the load on its back. But we’re fond of the literal translation.

The next time you want to take your date who’s learning Spanish out for a meal, and wow her with your gastronomic knowledge.

This is just the most popular origin story of the Burrito. There’s close to no evidence that it’s actually real. But it’s interesting nonetheless.

Saucy Tidbits

  • Man has made different versions of everything on on Earth. You can’t leave burritos out of that. While Mexican Burritos are made up of one or two ingredients, the ever-hungry ‘Muricans decided to “put it all in” their Burritos. That’s why American Burritos are much bigger and have more ingredients compared to Mexican variants.


  • Burritos are especially popular in Cuidad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, where they’re thought to originate from. (That’s probably where the name Juan Mendez came from). But though Burritos are a Mexican dish, they’re a lot more popular in the States.


  • The word Burrito was first introduced into the Oxford English Dictionary in 1958. (They probably had a hell of a party that time as well)


  • The longest Burrito was made in 2004 in Reno. It was 8,076 feet long, and contained 500 kgs of cheese. It was put together by 160 volunteers. How I wish I was there for that party.



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