Keep Warm This Winter With 9 Of These Delicious Comfort Foods


We can’t carry our blankets around or get warm hugs any time of the day. But we can get comfort food delivered to us whenever we need those much-needed cuddles. Here are eight delicious treats that perfectly complement the chill in the air.

1. Hot Chocolate

A cup full of rich, hot chocolate is the elixir to make any day both relaxed and full of energy in no time. No one can say no to this ultimate comfort-in-a-cup!

Source: Food Network


2. Rajma Chawal

A bowl full of Rajma Chawal is the classic North Indian comfort food, not only because of its simple goodness but also because of the warm, fuzzy nostalgic feels it brings!

Source: Delhipedia


3. A Bowl Of Soup

There’s a reason why the popular series of heartwarming stories is called “Chicken Soup for the Soul” – it’s comforting to the mind, body & soul. Also, no foodie, vegetarian or otherwise, is immune to the charms of the thick tomato soup sprinkled with crispy croutons and refreshing cilantro.

Source: Wholefully


4. Risotto

Simmered to a creamy consistency, Risotto is the perfect meal to satisfy the ravenous foodie’s appetite. And the best part? It’s loaded with a whole lot of cheese that keeps you warm for hours after you’ve had the last bite!

Source: Serious Eats


5. Thukpa

Originating in the icy cold Tibetan regions, a bowl of Thukpa is every Tibetan’s staple winter food. While the Indian winters are not as extreme, we’ve adopted this bowl of soupy noodles and veggies as our own comfort food!

Source: Archana’s Kitchen


6. Bisi Bele Bath

While North Indians are content with Rajma Chawal, South Indians, specifically from Karnataka, love themselves a plate of hot and spicy Bisi Bele Bath (hot lentil rice) on a wintry day.

Source: Wikipedia


7. Jalebi

We know indulging in choco-lava cakes and brownies is great. But there are no words to describe the delight of enjoying a crispy, hot Jalebi on a chilly morning. P.S. It tastes even better dunked in milk!

Source: OnePlatter


8. Steak & Mash

Give us a steak with rice and mash any day and we’re sorted. Give it to us on a cold day, and this combination of juicy steak and creamy mash can keep us warm, full and happy for a while!

Source: Unilever


9. Maggi Noodles

If there’s one dish that brings instant comfort, it’s our dear friend, Maggi noodles! Isn’t it great that you can just order in a steaming hot bowl of Maggi instead of preparing it? 😀

Source: HungryForever


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