In Crust We Trust: Famous Pizzas From Your Favorite Movies And TV Shows


Disclaimer: This article is best read with a slice of pizza in your hand. (And some of it in your mouth.)

There’s a reason that the heart emoji (<3) looks like a slice of pizza. Everyone. Loves. Pizzas.  Pizza is good, and not only because it’s delicious; it makes you smile the moment you see it.

Let’s get into the most iconic pizza moments in the history of pop culture.

Pizza Moment 1: Breaking Bad


In the cult TV show hit Breaking Bad, Walter White is seen throwing a party pizza over the roof. This is definitely not the way to treat a pizza, but it’s one of the most iconic scenes in recent TV history. Fun fact: Bryan Cranston, who plays Mr. White, did it in a single take!

Awesome, right? Another fun fact: unlike most pizzas you bring home, this pie is unsliced.

Pizza Moment 2: Friends


It would be a huge mistake if pizza did not play an important role in a sitcom set in New-York. There are many lovely scenes where the F.R.I.E.N.D.S are seen eating a large pizza together. Their love for pizza is constantly portrayed throughout the TV series.

A nice pizza-related takeaway from the show was the Joey special: two pizzas!

Pizza Moment 3: Back To The Future 2


Anyone who watched this movie as a kid probably wanted that pizza from this movie. The pie actually appears to be small and dehydrated. Cue a gadget from the future called ‘the hydrator’: in a few minutes, this becomes a full sized family pizza!

*Sigh.* Wish there was something like that in real life. Wait, is there? Please, please let us know.

Pizza Moment 4: Home Alone


As much as we love pizza, we love movies with plots that revolve around pizza.

Home Alone is an awesome movie that falls under this category. The first film in the trilogy actually begins with a high drama that involves pizza. Kevin McCallister gets sent to the attic when he starts to fight with his family because of a cheese pizza!

How OUTRAGEOUS is that? (Psst… Attaboy, Kevin!) That’s the reason they forget him and leave for their vacation. If there was more pizza, maybe he wouldn’t have minded as much…

Pizza Moment 5: Spider-Man 2


How often do you see superheroes deliver pizza? Well, this friendly neighbourhood delivery boy certainly did.

In Spider-Man 2, he’s seen struggling his way through traffic to deliver a set of pizzas. Why? ‘Cause pizzas are important to customers: Spidey knows that. However, Peter Parker can’t just spin webs and swing his way through New York traffic to deliver pizzas on time. Sad.

Now you know how important and famous pizzas are: they’re practically stars themselves! We assume you’ve finished that slice of pizza by now. If you’re jonesing for one now, get on the Swiggy app and order your own slice of heaven!


Image and GIF sources: GIPHY & YouTube

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