Some Egg Dishes That Would Make A Great Breakfast!


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Eggs are the most versatile food to ever grace this world. They’re a staple breakfast item for most people around the world. Just have a look at the different kinds of breakfast people have, and you’ll find egg a common uniting factor.

A lot of the humble egg’s popularity has to do with the fact that it’s a delicious and a very buildable option. You can make eggs in 101 different ways, and be blown away each time. Sure you have your typical scrambled and fried eggs. Not to mention, the half-fried and boiled options, all of which are universally loved.

But if you’re tired of these same old ways of having eggs for breakfast, then fear not! Here are a few novel ways of incorporating eggs into your breakfast.


Poach Them Fancy


If you ever wake up, and think to yourself, ‘Ah. I’d love some fancy breakfast”, then poached eggs are what you should go for. Very few things are as classy in themselves as poached eggs are, and no one dare disagree. Pair it with some toast and ham, topped with hollandaise sauce, and you have yourself a slightly fancier brunch than all the common folk. Poached eggs also feel luxuriously silky on one’s tongue, and that isn’t the kind of heaven you wanna miss out on.


Omelette For All


If anyone ever tells you that fried eggs and omelettes are the same things, you need to get them some good omelette ASAP, because they’re clearly missing out. Omelettes win the competition for the most customizable way of preparing an egg because your omelette can actually reflect who you are as a person. Do you love some sausage or ham, covered in cheese? Well, you sure can have that as stuffing for your omelette. Are you a vegetarian who loves eggs? Make your omelette with as many vegetable options as you like!


Never Go Wrong With A Frittata

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If you’re already bored of omelettes (how?), and want something more filling, then here come frittatas! They’re thick, and pancake-y, and can be loaded with all kinds of meats and vegetables, and even cheese. The best part about frittatas is that they can be enjoyed, hot, cold, or at room temperature. How many other egg dishes can claim that, huh?


Egg And Cheese Quiche

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Okay, so it’s established that egg and cheese are basically Adam and Eve. Given the different kinds of cheeses that exist, you have a world of flavors you can explore, and never run out of newer options. A quiche is a great idea for those who enjoy eggs but don’t want to be overwhelmed by its singular flavor. The soft, gooey cheese and the crust of the quiche balance out the egg, and make for a very filling breakfast and brunch.


Simple Sunny Side

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Fried eggs can take a back seat because sunny side up eggs are the new go-to. They just look and taste better than a simple fried egg, and go perfectly well with a toast — that’s a little on the crispier side. Besides, they’re also some of the healthier kinds of eggs because all the nutrients are intact.

If you’re an egg lover and are super tempted to eat any of these delicious variants, hit us up at Swiggy and we’ll cater to all your hunger needs.


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