Experience The Joy Of Eating Cheap in Bangalore


As Sia’s song goes, “Baby I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight”… we can totally relate to this on a rainy day when our wallets are empty and not a single note can be spared to satisfy our hunger cravings. Fret not, we’ve got you covered with these 6 budget friendly places in Bangalore!

1. Corner House

This legendary dessert place has been the refuge of broke college students since time immemorial. We totally recommend trying their cake fudge (priced at Rs. 120) and any of their soft serve ice creams (priced at Rs. 60) for a quick dessert binge!

2. Sri Ganesh Darshan

Picture credit: Archana’s Kitchen

For a taste of the truly local, Sri Ganesh Darshan makes for a perfect choice. Lap up their akki rotis (priced at Rs. 30) and dig into their fresh, warm Mangalore buns (priced at Rs. 15) with their spicy in house coconut chutney.

3. Tandoor Hut

If a delicious but affordable serve of kebab is what you seek, look no further than Tandoor Hut. For meat lovers their kalmi kebab is a must try (priced at Rs. 145) and for veggie lovers, their special paneer tikka is a hit (priced at Rs. 140).

4. Just Shawarma

The quickest and most delicious way to satisfy your hunger cravings is to gorge on a shawarma. And what makes it even better? The fact that it’s affordable. Just Shawarma serves up shawarmas (priced at Rs. 60) on a plate along with an extra dollop of mayonnaise. The sides are tangy pickled cucumbers and a portion of french fries, which make it a meal in itself.

5. Hungry Hogs

For the tastiest hot dogs in town, hop on over to Hungry Hogs! Try out their Plain Jane Non-Veg hot dog (priced at Rs. 80) and their Veg Sev The World Hot Dog (priced at Rs. 120) for a truly authentic Hungry Hogs experience.

6. Chakum Chukum Calcutta On A Roll

If yummy Kolkata style kathi rolls are what you seek, Chakum Chukum serves both veggie and meat kathi rolls. We recommend the aloo palak roll (priced at Rs. 90) and the chicken shammi roll (priced at Rs. 120).

That wraps up our list of cheap eats. If you’re running short of time but crave a quick bite, fire up the Swiggy app and we’ll bring in all your favourite treats, wherever you are.

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