Food, Colourful Food: Take In These Visually Appealing Iconic Dishes In All Their Glorious Shades!


Food without colour? Impossible to imagine! Whether it’s the pop of red of that sinful red velvet cheesecake or the bright yellow of the french fry, colours make up an important yet understated part of our meals.

With the festival of colours here, let’s take a moment to appreciate the wonderful & wacky shades of these 15 iconic dishes.

1. Electric Purple Kala Khatta

Did you know that Ultraviolet is the Pantone colour of the year? Keeping with the trend is the electric yet rich colour (and flavour!) of Kala Khatta, which is smeared all over the canvas of our childhood.

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2. Pop Blue Macaron

Ahh, the lovely Macaron. While this cookie’s texture are the reason why we can’t have enough of it, its lovely pastel shades, especially that gentle pop of blue, has us captivated.


3. Lush Green Palak Paneer

Rich, wholesome, good: the Lush Green Palak Paneer is one of the most perfect dishes concocted in the Indian kitchen. Personally, we love the stark contrast of the golden brown paneer cubes to the dark green palak curry.


4. Sunshine Yellow Dhokla

“Look at the star, look how it shines for you!” – for us, the star of Coldplay’s song, ‘Yellow’ is none other than the Sunshine Yellow Dhokla, with scattered til seeds for good nazar, oops, measure. 😉


5. Rich Orange Butter Chicken

There’s nothing like a bowl of the ultimate Indian comfort food: Butter Chicken! The rich orange colour of this dish comes from the blend of dollops of creamy yellow butter, red hot spices and off-white cashew nuts. We’re definitely not complaining! 😀


6. Fluffy White Idlis

White – the colour of purity, simplicity and the beloved Idli. If you like the colour white and what it stands for, a plate of Idlis is perfect for you! Light, humble, and oh-so-good.


7. Saucy Red Arrabiata Pasta

All our raastas lead to a plate of pasta! Of course it’s to the Arrabiata Pasta, because we always like everything, especially our food, a little saucy! 😉


8. Simply Beige Aloo Paranthas

Aloo Paranthas may look like the food-next-door, but don’t underestimate them. Beneath its plain-Jane beige exterior is the potato stuffing that’ll have you licking your fingers for a while! Serving alongside curd (or the infamous ketchup) is recommended.


9. Stunning Silver Kaju Katli

Even as kids, we all had a strange fascination with Kaju Katlis. No one can deny that it’s a delicious sweet but we’ve always had our eyes on the prize: the edible silver foil paper laid atop it.


10. Decadent Brown Chocolate Fudge

Think decadent brow, think chocolate fudge – there’s no dish or dessert that can match the beauty or the flavour that a plate of Chocolate Fudge can offer. Resistance is truly futile.


11. Golden Sizzle Biryani

Do you really think we wouldn’t feature everyone’s favourite, the all-Indian star biryani? With its well-done chicken or paneer chunks on a bed of golden brown, long grain basmati rice, sprinkled with crisp-fried onions, biryani is truly the king of Indian food.


12. Intense Black Ice Cream

“What does this even taste like?!” is the first (sometimes, only) question that pops up. Sometimes coconutty, sometimes almond-like, the taste differs with the makers. The intense black colour, however, comes from the addition of activated charcoal.


13. Cool Pink Falooda

From goth to pop, a glass of that Cool Pink Falooda takes us to our version of what Candyland would look like – filled with vermicelli strings, jelly cubes, sweet basil seeds on a layer of rose syrup. Mmm.


14. Nostalgic Maroon Rajma Curry

One of our favourite comfort foods with a distinct colour is the famous Rajma Curry. With the curry’s muted maroon mirroring the colour of the Rajma (kidney) bean, it paints an instant picture of the homemade food we often crave.


15. Happy Rainbow Salad

We saved the best one for last! Not only is a salad super-duper healthy but its potpourri of leafy greens, grilled brown veggies, sliced tomatoes and yellow bell peppers makes it the real pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!


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