A Challenge For You: There’s No Way You Can Eat These 7 Dishes Without Making A Complete Mess


It’s like some dishes are just designed to embarrass you because there’s no way to eat it without making a complete mess! Then again, these are exactly what we love to gorge on, don’t we? Check out these eats that make mess-free eating a feat!

1. Tacos & Burritos

When was the last time you ate a taco or a burrito without making sauce art on your plate? There really should be an award for that.

Mmmm… uh-oh!


2. Burgers

There’s a reason why burgers are sometimes called “Sloppy Joes”. It’s going to get sloppy and you WILL be caught red-handed (with sauce, of course).



3. Pani Puri

Oh, Pani Puri. You’re such a delicious little treat but without embarrassing ourselves, we can’t eat! Y u do dis?!


4. Sushi

There’s a Japanese proverb that says a good sushi is one that’s dropped once, but the best one is the one that falls a couple of times on the plate before you’re able to eat it. True story.


5. Momos

The only way to enjoy a wholesome momo is to put the whole thing in your mouth at once, because if you bite, you lose. Can’t waste a momo now, can we?


6. Ice Cream On A Cone

Ice cream is the stuff heaven’s made of. Ice cream on a cone on a hot summer day? Well, you’ll definitely end up crying over spilt milk.


7. Noodles

One of the first dishes of our lives that taught us a valuable life lesson is the noodle. The lesson: love is supposed to be tangled and messy, but there’s no other feeling that compares. <3

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