Foodie Talk: Bangalore Foodie Shares Her Top 10 Places To Eat


Foodies are the best kinds of people in the world – they live and love to eat! The foodies that we are, we went in search of fellow foodies who share the same love of food just like us or rather a little more!  In this quest, we bumped into Sonali from Bangalore, a self-proclaimed food-lover who relies on Swiggy to satisfy her hunger for just about every meal from a light snack to a gourmet meal!

Introducing Sonali, a Swiggy foodie

Sonali, pursuing her Masters in International Studies along with an undergraduate course in Public Policy, is a Delhiite by default and a resident of Koramangala by design. She studies and freelances as a writer from Indiranagar in Bangalore. Staying away from home is challenging, but Sonali’s secret sauce is ordering in her favorites when she’s hungry.

Being a power user of Swiggy, we asked her some questions about life as a foodie and she fired back with her replies in true Delhi chutzpah. Read on for some interesting tidbits she shared with us!

Team Swiggy: What’s your go-to meal at home?
Sonali said… A bowl of refreshing fruit salad from Fresh Pressery!

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Team Swiggy: And what’s your go-to meal at work?
Sonali said… A flask of chai and snacks shared with her colleagues from Chai Point.

Picture from Archana’s Kitchen


Team Swiggy: Tell us about a Swiggy order that impressed you.
Sonali said… She loved an order from Gudguda Prime, for their exceptionally well-packed nachos such that the nachos were still crispy when they were delivered.

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Team Swiggy: Tell us about the fastest delivery experience you had.
Sonali said… Her order of sandwiches for herself and a friend from Bhukkad, which was delivered in a whopping 10 minutes! That’s lightning fast for sure 🙂

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Team Swiggy: You live in Koramangala and work out of Indiranagar. Pick the ultimate foodie’s destination – Koramangala or Indiranagar?

Before we get to Sonali’s answer, here’s a tidbit from Bangalore’s contemporary food history. The rivalry between Koramangala and Indiranagar is an integral part of this history. Both these areas are tiny worlds in themselves, containing restaurants with cuisines not just from all of India, but from across the world. The best part – you can order in from these restaurants wherever you are located in Indiranagar or Koramangala with ease.

Sonali said… While Indiranagar contains a lot of cafes that cater top-notch food, she argues that no matter where you are from, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Koramangala. And that’s why Koramangala takes the cake in the battle of the areas!


Team Swiggy: What are your Bangalore favorites that every foodie must try?
Sonali said… She craves Delhi’s street food, but Bangalore’s wide range of choices definitely helps with the nostalgia. Here are the top 10 restaurants she recommends to all foodies!

1. Onesta for its wide range of delicious and fresh pizzas to choose from!
2. Hanoi, the one-stop restaurant for any pan-Asian food!
3. Pindi Bangalore, the medicine for every homesick North Indian in Bangalore.
4. Anand Sweets & Savouries, when your inner sweet tooth craves its fix!
5. Rajdhani, the ultimate comfort food and thalis that’ll transport you back home in an instant.


Picture from Delhipedia


6. Calorie Kitchen for the times when you want to indulge but also eat healthy.
7. Fresh Pressery, the restaurant every health-conscious foodie loves!
8. California Burrito whose nachos Sonali wholeheartedly recommends.
9. Truffles for their classic burgers and pastas that never disappoint!
10. Calvin’s, whose pocket-friendly burgers are worth every penny.

Picture from Big Burger Book


Team Swiggy: And for the final question, tell us why you love Swiggy.
Sonali said… Her love for Swiggy is undying. She explains it with 3 simple reasons.

  1. The food is delivered so quickly that it’s as good as being served at the restaurant – bonus points because there’s no need to heat it up!
  2. The precise packaging, so that anyone can sit back and dig into their meal without the need for a plate!
  3. Help is always near – whether it’s tracking the food or reporting an issue, Sonali loves Swiggy’s customer support’s timely help.

Sonali, and many other foodies like her, love to use Swiggy, every single day. If you’re a hardcore foodie, then Swiggy is the app for you – discover great food served by the top restaurants near you at great prices, delivered to your doorstep!

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