Give This Navratri The Sweet Treatment With These 9 Delectable Desserts


Fasting or not, desserts exist to give you the much-needed boost to power through any day! And with our 9-day sweet tooth plan, you’ll be sure to enjoy this Navratri with these incredible Indian desserts.

1. Kalakhand

Milky and soft, Kalakhand is the stuff our sweet dreams are made of! Don’t miss it for the world.

Source: Youtube


2. Gajar Ka Halwa

Festival or not, we never get tired of a plate of hot Gajar Ka Halwa, sprinkled with cashews. Yum!

Source: Movers & Move


3. Sabudana Kheer

Made from tapioca pearls, Sabudana Kheer is the staple sweet of the season!

Source: Archana’s Kitchen


4. Malpua

As a dessert, Malpua follows the KISS principle to the T – keep it sweet & simple (…and crispy, silly!)

Source: Sailu’s Food


5. Banana Cake

A slice of banana cake with a hot cup of tea is the perfect pick-me-up during the fast days!

Source: Sweet Green Limes


6. Gulab Jamun

If the question has the word “Gulab Jamun”, the answer is always a resounding YES.

Source: Youtube


7. Payasam

Why use a spoon when you can drink up this rich, wholesome dessert directly from the bowl?

Source: FoodViva


8. Coconut Laddoo

No Indian festival is complete without a plate of laddoos. The best part? This sweet is Navratri friendly!

Source: HungryForever


9. Til Ke Laddoo

Get your fill of the nutrient-laden til (sesame) seeds with this laddoo!

Source: Jain Rasoi

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