Go Nuts For Donuts! What Makes The World Go Round?


We have a day for a lot of things, parents, Valentine’s, Independence, but there’s something we’re missing. Whatever happened to having a day for donuts? There actually is a day.

Americans celebrate the first Friday of June as National Donut Day. We at Swiggy feel that the whole world must adopt this culture! (Imagine all the donuts you could get!)



The Origin Story
These round sugary treats can be dated back to as far as the 1700s, when donuts weren’t actually called by that name. The English settlers in Hertfordshire, New England would grow yeast to ferment dough and make ‘Hertfordshire nuts’ or ‘dow-nuts’ (considered a sub-standard spelling by doughnut purists). They’re probably the ones that developed the very first recipes of donuts.


Why “Nut”?
When they were first made, they were small as walnuts and didn’t have the hole in between. The English decided to go ahead and trick people into thinking that they were nuts. (Just Kidding!)

How Are They Made?
The magic here is in the simplicity. It’s really just fried dough with coatings like glaze and sprinkles. For those of you who like their donuts to have some delicious filling, there’s everything from jam to chocolate.

Why The Hole?
Now here’s an interesting question. There are several theories and stories we can find on the Internet describing the origins of a punched donut. But one of the most accepted stories is this one. Hanson Gregory was a seasurfer who loved donuts and wanted them made on his ship on his voyages. But he hated the soft gooey consistency in the centre of his donuts. While the outsides were crispy, the insides remained doughy.

Yeah, the Dutch called them Oliekoek back in the days.

If he was to leave the donuts in the oil for a longer time to cook the insides, the outsides would end up burning instead. To overcome this issue, he asked his cooks to punch a hole in the centre of the dough to allow it to fry more evenly.

In reality though, cooks discovered this on their own about 80 years before this interesting story. Gregory still takes the cake (or in this case, the donut), since he’s the one that actually convinced his fellow sailors that a punctured donut would taste better.


What Happens To The Holes?
In reality, the dough is dropped into the oil through a special nozzle to get the shape of the donut. As disappointing as it sounds, chefs don’t really punch a hole in their donuts. But there are still some small bakeries that make their donuts with their hand. They use a donut shaped cutter to make their lives easier and our lives more delicious.

If you’re thinking about these donut holes (another dessert), or how cops love donuts, then that’s a story for another Swiggy post. Until then, download our app on the Google Play Store or Apple App store and get your fix now.

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