Hunting For Vegetarian Food In Mumbai? 7 Places You Could Consider!


Psst.. vegetarian food DOES have variety. Since time immemorial, vegetarians have been standing their ground while the rest of the world seems to have bought the myth that veggie food doesn’t have much to offer. We’re joining the bandwagon to let you know that there is in fact a humongous variety of veggie food waiting to delight you. Whether you’re a veggie by birth or by choice, you’ll want to try out these awesome dishes in Mumbai!

1. Sarvodaya Pure Veg’s Maharaja Biryani

A must try if you’re lurking around Andheri! Dig in to their Maharaja Biryani, a delectable veggie treat loaded with spicy veggies, caramelised onions and toasted cashews.

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2. Amritsari Kulcha Junction

Punjabi food on your mind? Look no further than Amritsari Kulcha Junction’s chilli cheese kulcha. It comes stuffed with cheese, a good dash of green chilli and herbs accompanied by chole, raita and chutney.

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3. Simbly South

Veggie lovers, rejoice! Simbly South has a variety of dishes to choose from (the best part? It’s all veg!) but the one dish that grabbed our eyeballs was the masala medu vada. Spicy and crunchy, it comes served with a fresh coconut chutney and sambaar.

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4. Jai Hanuman, Near Andheri East Station

Don’t be fooled by this hole-in-the-wall joint, Jai Hanuman serves the best Punjabi thali in this side of town. It comes with a variety of sabzis, puris, sweets and veg biryani! ‘Nuff said!

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5. Narayan Snack Parlour

We’re getting straight down to the point. Narayan Snack Parlour has the cheesiest garlic bread, it’s so good that it’ll make all your cheesy dreams come true.

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6. High Point

It’s so hard to zero in on a place that serves great pav bhaji, but High Point makes it easy. Don’t miss their version of buttery, fresh pavs and the spicy bhaji they serve along with it!

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7. Sindhful

The good folks at Sindhful know how to make dal interesting. Their Dal Pakwan, which basically comprises of chana dal cooked in a secret (trust us, even we don’t know what goes in!) blend of masalas, with authentic Sindhi style crisp flatbread and a tangy chutney. Doesn’t that just sound heavenly?

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So there you have it, next time someone tries to tell you that vegetarian food doesn’t have variety – you can arm yourself with this list and prove them wrong. If you’re craving to try food from any of these places, fire up the Swiggy app and order in.




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