The Ice Cream Atlas: Ice Creams From Around The World


Ice cream is the epitome of universal food. It doesn’t matter where you’re from: you will love it! It’s never the wrong time for an ice cream. Be it in the hottest days of summer or the coldest days of winter, a true ice cream lover will grab his ice cream like it’s his birthright.

And when you’re sad and feeling low? Ice cream is the best comfort food.

If you love ice cream too, here’s one thing to add to your bucket list right now: try the different types of ice creams from all around the world.

Here’s a list of the most drool-worthy ice creams from different parts of the world (grab your tissues, cause we mean drool-worthy).

1. Mochi: From Japan, With Love

Tasty dollops of your favorite ice cream flavours wrapped in sticky rice, the speciality of Mochi is the sticky rice, which the ice cream man pounds with great vengeance, to ensure that it is smooth and fine. One bite into Mochi, and you have a new addiction.


2. Gelato: Love At First Bite

An Italian dessert, gelato ice creams are rich and lovely. They contain more milk than traditional ice cream, contain a minimal amount of egg and are churned at a lower rate. Gelatos are one of the best ice creams in the world, and there’s good reason for it.

Try this culinary bomb of a dessert, and you’ll agree with the Italians that gelato is magnifico, signore.


3. Kulfi : An Indian Love Story

All Indians love kulfi, and that’s because it’s freakin’ awesome!

Served on a stick, kulfis are a sweet end to a heavy meal. With rich flavors of cardamom/elaichi and rose, this ice cream has dry nuts like almond and pistachio, a combination that’s synonymous with desi perfection.


4. Dance With The Dondurma

And when I said dance, I meant it: you can quite literally do a good jig with this ice cream, because—unlike other ice creams—this one simply doesn’t melt so fast. You can choose from a wide range of flavours, and the best part? They last longer than the average ice cream.

Originating in Turkey, buying and eating this ice cream is an experience in itself, as most of these street vendors perform a few stunts and tricks before handing over the ice cream: now that’s a double delight.


5. I Tim Pad: Greetings From Thailand

No, that wasn’t a Thai guy called Tim introducing himself: I Tim Pad is a type of ice cream made exclusively in Thailand.

Fascinating to look at, these ice creams are also known as rolled ice creams. The whole process of making it is pretty complicated, but the Thai have mastered the art. In as little as two minutes, you have your freshly rolled delectable I Tim Pad. Flavors like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and butterscotch are the popular choices.


6. Fried Ice Cream: A Song Of Ice And Fire

If Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen had a baby, this so would’ve been it.

Originating in China, this ice cream is a true blend of fire and ice. Here’s how: a tasty breaded scoop of ice cream is deep fried in hot oil. The result: bliss on a plate. This ice cream is something you need to try, no questions asked.
The warm and crispy bread on the outside, and the sudden shock of the cold ice cream inside—this is a culinary journey all in one bite!.

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Source for GIFs & images: Giphy & Youtube

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