The Ideal Wake Up Call: 9 Things That Go Into The Perfect English Breakfast


The full English fry-up—the quintessential breakfast comfort food—has won hearts across the globe.

It all started as an extravagant meal served up by oh-so-stuffy Victorian gentry to display their wealth. Usually reserved as a weekend treat, the English breakfast is best served on lazy Sunday mornings when all you want to do is fill yourself up on some tasty treats. Traditionally consisting of fried eggs, bacon, sausages, baked beans and toast with a side of orange juice, digging into this full breakfast is heavenly experience.

The full English breakfast has transcended class, country, and years and years and years of oppression and looting to become a breakfast for all the natives.

1. Eggs

Served either scrambled, poached or fried sunny side up; this humble breakfast staple is a must-have for a true English breakfast. Also, we’re pretty sure that this is the only part of the set that is even remotely healthy. Normally, two or three are served up. That makes it unhealthy. Remember, moderation is key.



2. Sausages

Traditional pork sausages are the norm in the UK. Internationally, we’re happy with replacing it with chicken. These can also be served as patties, and provide a heavy dose of meaty goodness. It’s better to keep the sausages simple with few herbs or spices, and fried simply until crispy and brown.



3. Bacon

Doesn’t bacon make everything better?

Slices of crispy, delicious bacon are the stuff dreams are made of and the only reason to wake up early on a weekend morning. Apparently the smell and sound of bacon cooking is what we associate with golden, bright days where everything is possible and you even love your neighbour’s kid.  Served as a counter to sausages, bacon needs no introduction.

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4. Baked Beans

Eating beans cooked in a thick tomato sauce may seem strange to some, but it is a staple of British cuisine and an acquired taste.

Apart from giving a vegetarian balance to a predominantly carnivorous line-up, the humble baked beans tie together the other elements on the plate with their homely, peppery goodness. Not enough time to make them yourselves?

Don’t worry, reaching for a can of readymade beans is almost as good.



5. Toasted Bread

Apart from the standard toasted bread, if you’re in the mood for a much deserved extra, you can always fry your sliced bread. Simply slather it with generous amounts of butter, and kiss your diet goodbye. It wouldn’t really be a fry-up if you didn’t try to fry up, well, everything.



6. Grilled Tomatoes

An uncomplicated addition like grilled tomatoes may not seem like much, but never underestimate the underdog. That’s how most World Cup finals are won. Beautifully charry, these juicy tomatoes are the perfect foil for your buttered toast.



7. Orange Juice

Need some help washing down all that good food? Refresh yourself with a tall, cold glass of orange juice. Light, tart and just the right kind of palate cleanser, orange juice is invigorating whether freshly squeezed or store-bought.



8. Extras

If you’re looking to go the extra mile, you can always include sauteed mushrooms, potatoes (either as hash browns or simply roasted with herbs) pancakes, oatcakes, ham, and fruit pudding.



9. Condiments

Don’t skip out on typical English condiments like HP sauce, ketchup, or worcestershire sauce. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can take a stab at spreading some Marmite on your toast or just stick with some sweet marmalade.

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