Go Bananas Over Malabar Cuisine With These 6 Restaurants In Bangalore


Onam, every foodie’s favourite harvest festival, is finally upon us! If you’re wondering where you can get a bite of this delicious history or just good ol’ Malabar food, here’s where you can get your fix right away!

1. Thalassery, Electronic City

Biryani lovers, did you know that Kerala’s biryani originates from the coastal city, Thalassery? We know what we’re ordering in next – their juicy Thalassery Chicken Dum Biryani, of course!

Also available in Bellandur, ITPL, Kalyan Nagar & Koramangala

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Image: Kerala Meals, Thalassery


2. Bekal, Indiranagar

All we need to get our dose of Vitamin Sea is Bekal’s flavoursome seafood curries scooped up with their soft Kerala Parottas. Yum!

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Image: Squid Fry, Bekal


3. Malabar Bay, Koramangala

The sheer variety of Keralite dishes at Malabar Bay leaves us speechless. Trust us when we say this, you can’t order in just once!

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Image: Prawn Mango Curry, Malabar Bay


4. Venad Kitchen, CV Raman Nagar

Ever wondered what staple meals in God’s Own Country taste like? With Venad Kitchen, you can stop wondering and enjoy homely Kerala food the way it was intended.

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Image: Egg Roast, Venad Kitchen


5. Kumarakom, HSR Layout

The town of Kumarakom is a treat for sore eyes with its serene backwaters. And with Kumarakom’s fare, you can treat your tastebuds to their lip-smacking flavours!

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Image: Koonthal Ularthiyathu, Kumarakom


6. Shaap, Indiranagar

This is your one-stop Shaap to experience the earthy flavours of Kerala’s aromatic cuisine. Bonus tip: Mashed potato fans, try their Kappa biryani, a comforting tapioca mash seasoned with curry leaves!

Also available in Koramangala

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Image: Kappa Biryani, Shaap

Whether you’re craving that delicious Onam Sadhya or just want to get your share of Keralite food, all you need is to fire up the Swiggy app & order away! We’ll get you your favourites in no time. 🙂

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