Know Your Food: Spices That Go Into Your Favourite Biryani


A lot of explorers have set foot in India, searching for spices. Spices form a major part of Indian dishes. One of the most adored dishes by foodies that has lot of Indian spices in it is the biryani. Biryani is popular all over the world for its intense and mouth watering taste.

You can find people who do not like babies, but you can’t find people who don’t like biryani. With its divine flavors and aroma, biryani captures the heart and senses alike. The technique that is used to prepare the biryani, is what contributes to its awesome taste.

But it is important to know that the spices that go into the dish is what makes it fit to be the food of the gods. So what are the spices that go into your favorite biryani preparation tonight? Read on to know!



Ginger paste is one of the basic spices that’s used for making biryani. Ginger has a lot to health benefits like treating nausea and muscle pain. It also regulates blood pressure and keeps your heart healthy. Now with ginger, your biryani is no longer just tasty, it is healthy as well.

If you are preparing biryani, you need to make sure that flavor of ginger is mild, so that it does not dominate the overall taste of the biryani.



Cloves add to the magic of both Mughlai and Hyderabadi biryani alike. They bring out the ethnic flavor that we associate these biryani with.

Make sure that some clove buds go into your biryani during preparation. But one has to keep in mind that cloves have a strong flavor themselves. So you need to make sure that you add only a few.

Apart from adding to the unique flavour of biryani, cloves have certain medicinal properties like curing toothaches and improving digestion.



Cardamom is the queen of spices and does wonders for a large number of dishes in the Indian cuisine. This spice adds to the magic and flavor of biryani.

People love cardamom for its flavor, and this makes up for the spicy and tangy essence in biryani. The refreshing taste that cardamom renders to the dish is beyond compare.


Black Pepper


There is nothing better in this world than a spicy plate of biryani. As you season the dish with black pepper, it adds to the spiciness. Do you know something that is irresistible? A plate of biryani with a hint of black pepper.  



Cinnamon is a complementary addition to your biryani. Adding cinnamon in a powdered form makes the flavor of the biryani more stronger.

The amount of cinnamon to be added varies from region to region. So you need to make a call on how much cinnamon you should add to your biryani. You can add cinnamon sticks to the biryani, if you want a small hint of cinnamon on your plate of biryani. If added in a powdered form, the flavor is more intense and different.

You can find a lot of variants of the biryani all over India. You have the Hyderabadi biryani and the Lakhnawi Biryani. The Awadhi style biryani is another popular variant. In Mumbai, they make biryani differently, as compared to the southern part of India. In Delhi, you could find the authentic Mughlai style biryani, the kind that brings the magic alive.

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