Make The Most Of Rs.1000 In Hyderabad With These 4 Delicious Eats


Have you ever wanted to eat the best of what Hyderabad has to offer with a budget in place, say Rs.1,000, but couldn’t because you didn’t know where to begin? Well, we went ahead and did it for you!

Team Swiggy went Food Trotting with Sandhya Nagaraj. Sandhya is a marketing professional and avid photography enthusiast. She spends her free time reading, planning vacations for her loved ones. She has vowed to see the world in 60 days someday.

Sandhya took us around luxurious locales of Banjara Hills & Jubilee Hills. How did Sandhya manage to taste the best of the Hills on a budget? Read on to find out.

A sweet start at Ice Creamery

Sandhya decided to start off with something cool, given the Hyderabad heat. Her first pick was the much acclaimed Italian gelato parlour, Ice Creamery.

Sandhya picked the Swiggy special: 14 Flavour Platter, a melt-in-your-mouth combination of flavours.

14 Flavour Platter: Rs.165

Food Trotting bill so far: Rs.165

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Picture from PandaWhale


Freezing cold to piping hot at Ulavacharu

Sandhya’s next stop was Ulavacharu in Jubilee Hills. Named after the staple Andhra dish Ulava Charu (brown soup in Telugu), Ulavacharu’s authentic Andhra favourites turn up the heat by quite a few notches!

Sandhya’s pick? The lip-smacking Pachi Mirchi Kodi pulao, made in true-blue Andhra style – in other words, hot and spicy!

Pachi Mirchi Kodi Pulao: Rs.315

Food Trotting bill so far: Rs.480

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Hey there, Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Pastafarian, ahoy! After that fiery meal, Sandhya chose to treat herself to the milder flavours at Flying Spaghetti Monster, well-known for their truly Italian meals.

Crostini Melanzana, the sibling of another popular Italian starter Bruschetta, was the chosen meal. Italian for little crusts, Crostini or toasted slices of Italian bread are generously topped with aubergine (eggplant), olives, basil & sun-dried tomatoes and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, making for a delectable snack.

Crostini Melanzana: Rs.325

Food Trotting bill so far: Rs.805

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Picture from Donna Moderna


End on a high note at Pure Juice & Smoothie

For the finale, Sandhya wanted to pack quite a punch. She did exactly that at Pure Juice & Smoothie by ordering a rich, soothing Beetroot, Carrot and Celery juice (power packed with nutrients!).

Ultimate Detox: Rs.190

Grand total of Food Trotting bill: Rs.995

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Love Sandhya’s picks? You can order in your own platter of favourites on Swiggy too. Delicious food is just a tap away!

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