13 Restaurants In Mumbai Where You Can Eat For Rs.100 Or Less


Got Rs.100 to eat? Let’s help you make the most of it. Here are 13 eateries in Mumbai where you can eat for Rs.100 or less!

Tip: Save this list for the next time you’ve got the munchies. 😉

P.S. Prices may change over time. Please check the menu shared by the restaurant on Swiggy for the latest price.

1. Guru Kripa, Sion

If there’s one thing Guru Kripa is known for, it’s their crunchy, hot Samosa Chole. At just Rs.40, you CAN have more than just one! 😉

Pocket-friendly pick? Samosa Chole at Rs.40

Order from Guru Kripa >

Source: Veg Recipes of India


2. Mamledar Misal, Thane West

Set the spice to low, medium or high, and you’ll get a plate of Misal Pav that’s more than just nice! Satisfaction is guaranteed at Mamledar Misal.

Pocket-friendly pick? Misal Pav at Rs.60

Order from Mamledar Misal >

Source: Wikimedia


3. Moussestruck, Andheri West

The homemade, gluten-free mousses from Moussestruck is the right way to satiate dessert cravings. Be warned, you might just fall in love with it!

Pocket-friendly pick? Ferrero Nutella Mousse at Rs.60

Order from Moussestruck >

Source: Pinterest


4. King’s Shawarma, Grant Road

For generously stuffed, juicy shawarmas like no other, order in from King’s Shawarma. The best part? It’ll cost you no more than Rs.100!

Pocket-friendly pick? Chicken Shawarma at Rs.70 or Veg Shawarma at Rs.40 only!

Order from King’s Shawarma >

Source: Recipe Tin Eats


5. BreakfastKaro.com, Vile Parle East

Whoever said nutritious food is bland & expensive has clearly not tried BreakfastKaro.com’s fare that is good for both you and your wallet!

Pocket-friendly pick? Classic Kanda Poha at Rs.50

Order from BreakfastKaro.com >

Source: BreakfastKaro.com


6. Mamaji’s Grill and Pizza, Tardeo

No one else makes sandwiches like they do. The next time you can’t decide what to eat, order in a sandwich from Mamaji’s Grill and Pizza.

Pocket-friendly pick? Cheese Chilli Sandwich at Rs.70

Order from Mamaji’s Grill and Pizza >

Source: Cooking Classy


7. Dimsum (Momo) Express, Andheri East

Hop aboard the Dimsum (Momo) Express for a plate of steaming hot momos! What’s more, these heavenly bites won’t leave you broke.

Pocket-friendly pick? Chicken Momos at Rs.60 or Mixed Veg Momos at Rs.90

Order from Dimsum (Momo) Express >

Source: My Republica


8. The American Express Bakery, Bandra West

A little warning before you order – don’t blame us if you get hooked on to the tasty pastries from The American Express Bakery!

Pocket-friendly pick? Mutton Pattice at Rs.35 or Cheese Croissant at Rs.40

Order from The American Express Bakery >

Source: Hungry Forever


9. Brownie Point, Bandra West

Saying no to desserts is a sin. And saying no to the delicious, decadent desserts from Brownie Point is sheer blasphemy.

Pocket-friendly pick? Swiss Brownie at Rs.55

Order from Brownie Point >

Source: Epicurious


10. Simbly South, Vile Parle

For authentic South Indian food that’s done right, look no further than Simbly South – you’ll love the variety of dishes they serve!

Pocket-friendly pick? Steamed Idli at Rs.60

Order from Simbly South >

Source: NDTV Food


11. Panshikar Sweets and Snacks, Vile Parle East

Puneri Misal Pav, Thalipeeth & Sabudana Vada are just a few of Panshikar’s bestsellers! Next time you’re craving authentic Maharashtrian food, be sure to order in from here.

Pocket-friendly pick? Sabudana Vada at Rs.70

Order from Panshikar Sweets and Snacks >

Source: Sailus Food


12. Matunga Dabeli, Matunga

Snacks from Matunga Dabeli are truly delightful. You’ll know what we mean when you take a bite of their snacks, loaded with butter, cheese and nuts!

Pocket-friendly pick? Butter Dabeli at Rs.20

Order from Matunga Dabeli >

Source: Youtube


13. L’Paan, Powai

Gather around, folks. Let’s end this list (and your meal) with L’Paan’s sweet & juicy signature dish, The Paan.

Pocket-friendly pick? The Paan at Rs.30 is a must-try!

Order from L’Paan >

Source: Swiggy

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