On A Parantha Parade? Here Are 5 Delhi Parantha Places You’ve Gotta Try!


Paranthas have always found a special place in our hearts. For some, they’re the best hangover cure after a night of partying and for others they’re nostalgic reminders of their grandmothers. They say that if you dig deep into the heart of a Delhi foodie, one is sure to find remnants of parantha. So where do Delhites get their parantha fix? We explored to bring you the best of the best:

1. Moolchand Parantha

Tucked away near the metro station at Lajpat Nagar, Moolchand Parantha has been serving hungry Delhi commuters for quite some time now. The grapevine tells us that the must tries are their chilli cheese garlic parantha, green peas cheese parantha, the evergreen aloo-pyaaz (onion-potato) parantha. For the meat lovers, there’s keema parantha with a heavenly gravy. Also if you’re an eggetarian, we recommend their double egg parantha.

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2. Sita Ram Diwan Chand


We snuck in a chole bhature eatery into this because we wanted to surprise you. This little eatery serves nothing but heartwarming plates of chole bhature and good old creamy lassi. Their bhaturas are filled with paneer and tawa fried instead of deep frying, so we reckon that makes them healthier too. The chole itself is quite delicious and spicy, topped with chunky slivers of ginger, chilli and a good spritz of lemon. The best part? The chole comes topped with a slab of freshly churned butter.

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3. Karim’s

A walk down Old Delhi is incomplete without paying homage to Karim’s. We recommend their delicious sheermal. It’s a sweet paratha prepared by mixing ghee, milk, sugar, elaichi with white flour and baked in oven. Sometimes people take it with honey, condensed milk and chopped nuts. Its taste is so unique that you will not want to eat it anywhere else except at Karim’s!

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4. Al-Bake

Al-Bake serves the best pudina paratha in town and they serve it with the richest saalan or gravy you’ve ever tasted (which is a well guarded secret). Other items to try include the Hari Mirch Ki Roti or green chilli stuffed rotis, which is definitely a spicy affair as the name suggests.

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5. Roshan Di Kulfi

For all things Punjabi and wholesome, Roshan Di Kulfi offers a truly authentic experience with a host of items available on their menu. Since we’re discussing parathas, a noteworthy mention goes to their flaky lachcha paratha that is seriously doused in ghee and served with a side of creamy hung curd, a tart lemon and ginger pickle and the classic cuts of onion and chilli. We’ve heard that it’s hard to resist the heady aroma of ghee in this paratha and that there’s nothing quite like it anywhere!

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If for some reason, you’re unable to satisfy your paranthe cravings don’t forget that the Swiggy app exists just to bring these paranthas to your doorstep. So think no more and fire it up! We’ll bring the food, you stay in and binge watch your favourite Netflix shows.

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