4 Essential Sides To Make Your Biryani-Eating Experience Legendary!


Biryani is not meant to be just eaten, it should be relished.

The delicate flavors brought together by a variety of spices makes it pretty much the best dish in the world. And we aren’t the only ones who think that. The hoards of biryani lovers swear by it.

Every foodie’s purpose in life is to find the best biryani. They might not know about right from wrong about most things in life, but you can count on them to know where you can find the best biryani.

Many may argue that biryani is epic by itself and does not need any side dish. And let’s face it. It will most likely be ignored once you start digging into the biryani. Nevertheless, we must admit, there are a few side dishes that will make us appreciate the flavours of the biryani even more. These side dishes complement the biryani, so they are definitely worth a shot.

1. Raita

Image: Wikimedia

You need something that won’t overpower the impeccable taste of the biryani. Raita made with a blend of curd, onions, cucumber, and coriander leaves serve as the perfect side dish for biryani. You will find this combination in every single restaurant you go to simply because it is the best side dish for biryani. Be it Lucknowi or Hyderabadi either will work with this raita as a side dish.


2. Mirchi Ka Saalan

Image: Recipes Hubs

The spiciness of this dish elevates the flavors in the biryani. If you are one who enjoys spicy food, you are sure to have loads of this side dish with your biryani. This is pretty much the second most popular side serving. In fact, many even prefer alternating between raita and mirchi ka salan. Once you start having your biryani with mirchi ka salan, you can never just have it the way you used to anymore. And we can attest to that.


3. Brinjal Curry

Image: Creative Commons

This unique but heavenly combination of brinjal curry with biryani originated in Hyderabad. Nawabi in origin, this concoction is common in Muslim households. The tangy taste rendered by the curry works perfectly well with the flavorous biryani. If you want to eat biryani the way it was meant to be, have it with the brinjal curry.


4. Coke or a soft drink

Image: Twitter

We don’t know about you, but we can’t get through our biryani without a coke bottle by our side. Coke is just as irreplaceable here as it is next to a pizza or a burger. We never miss ordering a large bottle of coke when we buy biryani. The drink just helps you dig in as much as your heart pleases. And when it comes to biryani, nothing is ever enough.

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