In Pizza We Crust: 5 Amazing Spots In Kolkata For Pizza Lovers!


All good things come in a circle, with cheese and a great crust. Yes we’re talking about pizzas. We’re absolutely sure that you know just how awesome pizzas are, that’s why won’t waste time talking about it. Let’s begin with our quest for great pizzas in Kolkata. Here we go!


1. Fire And Ice Pizzeria, Central Kolkata

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Fire And Ice Pizzeria sounds like it’s straight out of a George R.R. Martin novel and it probably could be. Why you ask? Because of its epic, rustic prosciutto pizza. It’s a gorgeous 12” inch pizza topped with tomato sauce, ham and the goodness of that stringy-melt-in-your-mouth mozzarella cheese. If you’ve never tried cured meats as a topping on your pizza, this is your chance to do so.

Order here from Fire And Ice Pizzeria!


2. Fabbrica Della Pizza, Elgin, Central Kolkata

Image credit: Epicurious

Perhaps their best pizza ever, Fabbrica Della Pizza swears by the yum factor of this pizza’s imported fontina cheese and truffle oil. If you’re wondering how this can get better – this 11” inch pizza comes with a topping of slathering porcini pate, button and shitake mushrooms – all baked to brown perfection in that glorious, cheesy fontina cheese. Like how that sounds? We knew you would.

Order here from Fabbrica Della Pizza!


3. Brickwood, Central Kolkata

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Some of us just can’t eat anything without a hint of good old desi spices. That’s why the good folks at Brickwood invented this amazing, spicy chicken pizza. Brick oven baked pizza with the goodness of spicy chicken, topped with sharp green chillies! Just how Kolkata loves it 😉

Order here from Brickwood!


4. Chunky’s, Paddapukur

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Veggie lovers, here’s a pizza place dedicated just for all your vegetarian needs. With a specially curated pure-vegetarian menu, Chunky’s has a wide range of options for pizza. If you ever feel like there aren’t enough veggie-friendly options, you know where to order from! While we’re still talking about Chunky’s, we’d like to take a moment to appreciate just how good their peri-peri pizza is. Comes topped with crisp onions, bell peppers, golden corn and an aromatic peri-peri blend. Trust us, you’ll love it!

Order here from Chunky’s!


5. Burnt Garlic, Desapriya Park

Image credits: AHDB

And here we are! We’re down to the last place on our list. Calling all hardcore meat lovers, this gorgeous 9 inch pork pizza topped with rocket leaves is all sorts of pizza goals. From the time you bite into the crust, till you finish nibbling on the last bite of this pizza – you’ll be drowning in the goodness of Burnt Garlic’s juicy pork. Enough said!

Order here from Burnt Garlic!

If this list has you craving, all you need to do is get cracking – fire up your Swiggy app and order in. We’ll ensure those pizzas come in hot to your doorstep!

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