A Pizza A Day Keeps The Sadness Away: Awesome Pizzas That Are Not Italian!


Nobody in their right mind would not like pizza. Ever since the invention of pizza, mankind has become more tolerable and satisfied. Pizza has gone through tremendous changes ever since the first slice was eaten.

Through these changes, pizza has never failed to win over hearts around the world.  As most believe that Italy gave birth to this wonder, the origin of pizza can be traced back to the kitchens of the Middle East and Egypt centuries ago.

While there are strange and yet tasty transformations of the original pizza, let us take a look at the non-Italian types of Pizza. Let’s see if you can resist the urge to order pizza after reading this article.

Macaroni Pizza

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Macaroni Pizza is the best of both worlds. With Macaroni pasta as the topping, this pizza is sure to be a mouth watering delight. The unique taste of the pizza is acquired by brushing the crust with olive oil during preparation. Finally, shredded cheese is sprinkled on the top. Originated in the US, Macaroni Pizza is a huge hit among college students.

With pasta being used as a topping, and this carb-rich pizza fills more than stomachs.

Coconut Pizza

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As bizarre as the name might sound, coconut pizza was first made by the Costa Ricans. Adding coconut as a topping not only boosts the crunchiness, but also has several health benefits like increasing your metabolism, and aiding in weight loss.

With the taste of coconut being dominant while eating this pizza, it is delicious altogether and can definitely satisfy your late night pizza cravings.

Deep Fried Pizza

One thing that is immensely liked by people all over the world is deep-fried food. So, what happens when a pizza is deep fried? Made first in Scotland and rich in calories, any street foodie is bound to fall in love with this deep fried delight.

The Mockba

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The name sure is funny, but this Russian creation is all about the uniqueness. Instead of the regular topping choices of cheese and tomato, four types of fish are used as the topping. Sardines, mackerel, salmon and tuna usually make the topping list in overwhelming quantities. Served cold, this pizza is all about uniqueness.

The Mizza

This pizza is a lot more different than just the spelling. South Koreans created this delicacy to have two things they love together—Rice and Pizza. The Mizza has a layer of rice just above the dough base, and then is topped with cheese and other tasty vegetables.

If you can’t resist the urge to eat pizza right now, don’t worry because brave people have tried and failed. Order your favourite pizza at Swiggy.com!



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