5 Indian States That Serve Yummy Traditional Treats To Celebrate The Harvest Festivals, Pongal & Makara Sankranti


In India, every day is a reason to celebrate. If you thought you were just getting over your Christmas and New Year binge-thon, here come more eats to gorge on! Let’s check out the traditional feasts we’ve got lined up to kickstart the year.

1. Punjab’s Sarson Da Saag

Source: NDTV Food

Punjab starts off the festivities by celebrating Lohri, the festival marking the end of the bitter winter season and start of happy, sunny days ahead. Since the winter harvest brings in an abundance of sarson (mustard) & makki (maize) crops, this Punjabi favourite is relished at this time along with some gur (jaggery).


2. Gujarat’s Undhiyu

Source: Archana’s Kitchen

Spring brings along a medley of colours and feasts, and this is at its peak in Gujarat! One dish that Gujjus favour during this season is the Surti special Undhiyu, filled with a variety of greens. Made with green beans, plantains, eggplants, potatoes and muthia (fenugreek leaf fritters), this dish slowly simmers along with a spicy paste and served with fluffy, hot poori.


3. Maharashtra’s Gulachi Poli

Source: Archana’s Kitchen

Maharashtra bids adieu to the wintry days with their fair share of Gulachi Poli. A simple poli (wheat flatbread) stuffed with jaggery, sesame and poppy seeds is not only a perfect winter snack but also a great way to satisfy your sweet cravings without getting a sugar rush!


4. Tamil Nadu’s Pongal

Source: HungryForever

Pongal is Tamil Nadu’s version of Makara Sankranti, welcoming the spring season to Tamilian lands. And yes, this festival is named after the dish Pongal. The root word “Pongu” in Tamil means “to boil over”, signifying the way Pongal, made of rice and lentils, boils over the utensil’s rim. This rich porridge is finally topped off with cashews and relished.


5. Karnataka’s Huggi & Gojju

Source: Archana’s Kitchen

Karnataka celebrates Makara Sankranti with Huggi, a comfort food similar to Pongal. This nourishing bowl of goodness is complemented with a bowl of sour curry known as Gojju, and this spicy combination is perfect to shoo away all our winter blues!

It’s known that the not-so-secret sauce for celebrations is good food. And that’s exactly what we bring to your doorstep. Check out all the feasts being served at restaurants near you on the Swiggy app and order away! We’re here to deliver. 🙂

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